They are many cooking tips that are passed down the generations from mothers to their childrens. After all is said and done there are many of the golden rules of the kitchen which are completely wrong i.e from marinating meat for hours to keeping eggs in the refrigerator or Do seeds turn tomato sauce bitter? Does cold water boil faster than hot? Does a warm lemon produce more juice than a cold one? Lets see some of the unknown kitchen myths.


1. Myth: Meat marinated for hours would tastes better.
Truth: A marinade can only penetrate a few millimetres into the meat so more than two hours is pointless.


2. Myth: Olive oil in the water stops pasta from sticking.
Truth: Oil simply blobs on the surface, but stirring in the early stages works to separate pasta.


3. Myth: Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator.
Truth: Fried and poached eggs should be not used from the fridge as storing eggs in the door shakes up their whites when it is opened.



4. Myth: You cook out all the nutrients when cooking veggies.
Truth: Most vitamins are unaffected by heat. Many of the minerals and vitamins in food are, actually, much more completely absorbed in the stomach when cooked beforehand. To re-iterate: raw foods are not at all healthier.


5. Myth: Storing bread in the fridge keeps it fresher.
Truth: Storing bread in the fridge doesn't increase its shelf life it actually makes it go stale faster. Bread turns stale when it absorbs too much moisture and the starches in the bread begin to crystallize, giving it a stiff and crumbly texture.To keep bread fresh longer, wrap and store it somewhere room temperature.


6. Myth: Alcohol burns off when cooking.
Truth: It’s long been held that alcohol will completely cook out of any dish, but that’s not exactly the case. In fact, When cooking with alcohol, the heat will reduce its potency but the alcohol will not cook away completely. Many dishes need to cook upto three hours to completely dissolve the alcohol.

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