Who doesn’t want to spend the last days of his/her life healthy and disease-free? We believe that you do! So, give a second thought to what you are feeding your body. Your diet and exercise habits will determine whether you are going to live a long, healthy, disease-free life or not. To achieve a healthy and long life, you must maintain a strong immune system which requires taking care of a bunch of things, and following some do’s and don’ts.


Askiguru has discovered ways to stay healthy and disease free, So Do This And You Will Live Without Disease:


1.Eat Healthy

Our health development largely depends on our diet. Unhealthy eating habits are a big factor in our bad health and disease. You should put vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds in your grocery list. Eat an apple every day to keep doctors away, seriously! Eating apple helps ensures a healthy heart for you. To be healthy and free from illness, you have to sacrifice some foods from your diet.Junk foods are unfortunately out of the question; They will not be beneficial for your health. Instead, these meals will make you overweight and lazy.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru



If you want to live a healthy and have a long life, then engage yourself in some daily exercises. You should adopt the habit of exercising at least half an hour a day, 5 days a week. Regardless of any exercise you will get help physically, but there are some activities which will be more beneficial to you than others.


For example: lets compare going for a walk for 45mins, or running, swimming, and cycling. Of these, swimming is an exercise that physically helps your body the most.It moves parts of the body in such a balanced way that increases blood flow in the muscles. This causes oxygen circulation in different parts of your body, energy increases and recovery of injury is a process.

Riding a bicycle is also one of the best forms cardio exercise for you to live healthy and disease free.

For a full workout, consider the human trainer suspension gym. A suspension gym is a great way to get a full body workout in the comfort of your home, without investing in clumsy, expensive equipment.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru


3.Sleep Well

To do all the activities of daily life, you have to be charged appropriately. Good amount of sleep helps us to recharge our tired body at the end of a long day. An adult needs to sleep at least 6-7 hours. Lack of sleep will threaten you with depression and heart disease.One study found that people who sleep for less than 7 hours in the night, can make a significant drop in blood pressure. If you are suffering from high pressure, then pay attention!

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru


4.Give up Smoking

Smoking has zero benefits, period. According to long-term studies, smokers have reduced their lives for almost 10 years. They also reduce the quality of their old age and they suffer from heart problems, emphysema, osteoporosis and chronic lung problems. Therefore, if you want to live a long and happy life, then quit smoking today. Get a way out from this habit and seek assistance by letting your friends and family know about your plan. Hopefully, they will support you through this challenge.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru


5.Drink Plenty of Water

Drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day. Drinking water will help you digest food and prevent constipation. Drinking more often than the skin is moisturizing the skin. This is the best anti-aging treatment you can possibly find.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru


6.Dont Get Stressed

To enjoy a happy life, it is very important to get rid of stress. Depression and anxiety is the most powerful weapon that is quietly killing our happiness. This causes the other harmful diseases like insomnia, misuse of alcohol, asthma etc.So, stay away from everything that strains you. Think positively, you will find many things to be happy.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru


7.Take Care of Your Personal Life

Stay close to your family and friends. Take good care of your hobby. Set new goals and get them. Have fun.

Having a sense of purpose in life is incredibly important to be happy and healthy.

Do This And You Will Live Without Disease - Askiguru



Its more than just we are what we eat. We are what we feed ourselves! Its important to give attention to what your body needs, rather than just satisfying wants. Nobody wants to suffer at the end of their lives from life threatening diseases. You only have one body, take care of it!

After all, good health is a lot more precious than being wealthy. Especially, when you got the money but not the cure.



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