Much was said about having a ‘Dislike’ button on Facebook, where users have the choice of disliking the posts which they don’t like.

Finally Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook said at Q&A session in California, “Facebook is thinking about adding a way to “dislike” posts on the site.” They are planning to do so, as disliking the posts in one of the most requested features the users want to have on the social networking site.

He also stated, they will have to find a way out to make sure that adding disliking button do not become a way to humiliate people’s posts.

Currently, according to statistics provided by the Facebook, around 4.5 billion “likes” are generated daily.

Mark Zuckerberg addressed the audience at Facebook Headquarters saying the they have been working on the feature for quite some time as they want to make sure that it is done in a proper way so that people can express a broader range of their emotions."

He also said that generally people share posts on Facebook that are sad moments related to their lives and liking those posts is not an appropriate way to show your sentiments.

Anxious advertisers

Paul Coggins a Chief Executive of ad firm Adludio said, having a dislike option on Facebook, will make the advertisers nervous as it can have negative impact on their brand name.

He suggested that instead of a direct ‘dislike’ button, they should come up with something that helps users to express how they feel, as generating revenue is the biggest concern of Facebook followed up by keeping the Advertisers also happy.

Whereas, Guy Phillipson a Chief Executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, said that brands are being used to being openly criticized online.

He also quoted. "If brands do put something out which people don't like, they find out pretty quickly. It's been a force for good – advertisers know more about tone, or when they've gone too far."