Every person has unique handwriting style which is specific to them. While handwriting has changed significantly over the last decades, especially with more and more people working with computers and fewer people writing content by hands, there is a definite change in the way people handwrite their letters. While handwritten letters can show off over 5,000 different personality traits, most of them are grouped together in these 11 different handwriting styles.


Personality tends to match with the size of your writing. If you write large letters, you are an outgoing person having a large personality liking attention; most celebrities have large handwriting. If you make small letters it means you are focused and have good concentration. Average sized letters mean you are better adjusted.


If the quality of your line is thin, it means you are very gentle and avoids confrontation. A thick line indicates you are more of aggressive and assertive person, while an average line means you are comfortable and well suited with the way things are.


If your S is rounded in your handwriting style, then it means you like to please people and look for compromises. An S which is pointed means you like to study new things and if the S is kept open at the bottom it means you probably are doing something which you are not interested in.


The direction in which your handwriting slants can say something very specific about you. If your writing slants to the right, then you are generally open to the world and like to socialize around, while to the left means you like to work alone in your own zone. If there is no slant at all then you are on the logical side.


If your letters are spaced far apart it means you are very creative and probably have an artistic flair. Letters that are very close to each other indicate a person who likes to plan for future. The spacing between letters is described as one half of a lower case "o" fitting between them.


The culprits of open or in complete letters are lower case vowels. If you write a lot of open letters, it means that you have focus on the big picture rather than small details. People who always make full letter that is they make sure to close their letters which indicates that you focus on small details and sometimes even lose the sight of the big picture.


Alignment is all about your concentration. If your sentences starts to curve either up or down, irrespective of lines being there on the page or not, which indicates you are easily distracted and always tend to lose focus on whatever you are doing. A straight alignment means you are a responsible person which is completely focused.


If your L is without the loop then, it means you feel restricted.  L with full loop means you are more spontaneous and relaxed.


In your lower case "e" leaving a small space loop means you are more skeptical. A full loop on the E means you are an open minded, adventurous person and like to experiment new things.