You’ve got admission to the college of your own choice. Well that’s great. Congratulations! You have no idea you are about to enjoy the best time of your life, do you? Here are the different kinds of people you’ll meet in college.

And if you’re already in college, just don’t worry; you will be covered too. No matter which college you go to, you’re bound to run into these folks. You’ll agree!

1. The front benchers:

The front benchers will still think that they are in school. They will have perfect 100% attendance and will show up to class 5 minutes early. They are super attentive to every word the professor says. They will read the textbook before coming to the class and answers all the questions correctly. They probably must be eating their lunch in the library while reading some reference books. They are the perfect definition of geeks and you can join them in case you want to geek out through your college life.

2. Bade baap ki bigdi aulaad:

While you commute to college via a train or a bus, the rich spoilt brats will shows in their expensive cars. He or she will never show up on time but will wear an expensive watch every day. They will never make notes but will use a Mont Blanc pen to scribble in their book. And there will be no brands left untouched which they will wear it to college! Their lunch bill could be paid with your entire month’s pocket money.

3. The enthusiastic cutlet:

They are the only who to agrees for bonus marks assignments. You’ll find their name first on the list for extracurricular activities. They are always ahead in organizing the college excursions. And is obviously the professor’s favorite. They basically are the Energizer Bunny of the class.

4. The guy you’re always giving proxy for:

Once again, this guy overslept. So, he’s either late or missing the first few lectures. He messages you and asks you to give his proxy. And as usual you do it every time. And apart from his inability to wake up on time, he is really fun to be with and you enjoy his company.

5. The one who wants to take it outside:

God forbid, you get involved a terrible fight and you say something contrary to one’s opinion. She or he is always ready to pick a fight and beat you down. You may just tiptoe around this person. You surely don’t want another bruised face or arm for silly reasons like nothing.

 6. The annoying couple that calls each other baby:

The couple that sits together, stays together, eats together, leaves together and also makes your life miserable together. They are a personification of being cheesy. They are holding hands all the time and call each other by names such as ‘baby’, ‘sweets’, ‘honey’ and other sugary terms. They’re so mushy, that they will give you diabetes and it will be very difficult for you to bear them.

7. The ones who come to college dressed to party:

For her, every day is a Saturday and every night is a party. She comes to college wearing multiple layers of make-up, sequined top, hot shorts and heels as if she has come for some party. All that is missing is a shiny disco ball in a classroom or else she would be dancing on benches.

8. The guy who has ‘real work’ to do:

This guy is working for the future in the present. He may have an actual job or at least has an internship. All his college assignments and extracurricular activities are added on to his portfolio. He has to rush for office after college and doesn’t have time to waste around. By the time college is over, he’ll already be a director in the company.

9. The pirate king:

He stays up at all night to download entire seasons of his favorite movies or TV shows which he later distributes amongst friends or batch mates. He has at least two to three 2TB hard drives. If you wish to watch a new movie, you go to him and he’ll give it to you in a pen drive. He will be having all kinds of music you need ever. This guy becomes your supply of never ending entertainment.

10. The future Prime Minister of the country:

Politics is their way of life. They are always fighting for rights and equality of students. They may have some connections with ministers and officials. Through their contact they bring chief guests for college functions. And they have ambitions of running the Government one day.

11. The self-appointed official photographer:

He roams around with a DSLR hung around his neck. You may get your profile picture clicked by him and then 100 likes and still counting. There are two types of group photos; one without him as he will be clicking for you and one along with him. He sets the frame and hands over the camera to a person passing by to click the group picture. He is the person responsible for special moments to be captured forever.

12. The out-of-towner:

He came to college from some city in your city to get a better education. You will feel happy in showing him your city around. You share your home made food with him because he misses home food. You use his place to party by calling entire gang of friends at his pad because he lives alone.

College introduces you to all different kinds of people. You’re going to pick from them and make some amazing friends which you cherish for your entire life. So, go ahead and have a good time.