We live in the world of trends. There many trends surrounding us from fashion to technology. Especially when it comes to fashion we like to hop on trends and get a bit carried away. And then you end up with a wardrobe which is full of clothes you hardly wear. The reason why you don’t end up wearing the clothes you purchase is that they don’t match your style or they are uncomfortable.

The idea behind creating a capsule wardrobe is to have few trendy pieces with a wardrobe full of clothes that are classic, so you can wear them no matter what the trend is. These classic pieces defy time and can be worn anytime. That is why wardrobe with such pieces is called Capsule Wardrobe. Now, the question is how to create a Capsule Wardrobe. Let's find out more about it.  

Step 1: Declutter your wardrobe     
Decluttering your wardrobe and removing all the trend pieces that you don’t wear is where you start building a capsule wardrobe.  You can keep few trend pieces that you like and wear often but the rest needs to go away. While you are downsizing the wardrobe, you will understand your style and what you wear on daily basis. That is your capsule wardrobe. 



Step 2: Adding Classic Fashion Pieces
If you don’t have enough classic pieces in your wardrobe then try to add them to your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy everything in go but slowly build your wardrobe with classics that you will wear. Classics, in this case, are the ones which define your style. Example for classic fashion pieces is a pair of blue jeans, white shirt or blouse, black t-shirts, a neutral pair of shoes etc. 


Step 3: Investing in Quality Pieces    
Quality over Quantity is a term which can be used while creating a capsule wardrobe. Investing Quality pieces is key to create a capsule wardrobe. But investing in such items can be very pricey. Usually, these pieces don’t go on sale. So you have to wait for sale season and see if these pieces go on discount. This discount is not much, you might get around 10%-20% off. But sometimes you might get lucky and get these items at a heavy discount as well. There are mid-range brands as well if you don’t want to invest in luxury or high-end brands.

Quality pieces last longer than your normal Tees and Shirts that you buy from fast fashion stores. Hence they are expensive. 

Some of the Fashion Trends that you can actually consider classics.

  • Military Pattern Jeans or Jacket

  • Boxy Clothes ( Tomboyish Chic Clothes)

  • Animal Print ( Accessories )

  • Over-sized Knitwear

These are few steps to create a capsule wardrobe. It is not so easy to give up on trends and to get lured in by them. But try to buy things that define your style and fashion pieces that make you comfortable.