8 Portable Gadgets That You Can Carry Anywhere

With every passing day, electronic have started getting smarter and smaller, forget about how dependent and addicted we are to them nowadays. The more used to we are to these gadgets, the more we struggle making space for all of them…hence it makes it increasingly important that we find space for almost every gadget we can place our hand on. Given below are a list of 8 portable gadgets that

7 Most Bizarre Things Found Frozen In Ice

I urgently need to clean out my freezer. There are things in the freezer that I'd swear I haven't seen in years. Okay now let me see my freezer properly. What is this? Chicken? Why do I have frozen tamales? When did I eat sweet potatoes? Well, it turns out Mother Nature has this problem too.   Icy landscapes are known to have many secrets hidden below them. With the ever flaring

How to write a Select Statement in SQL?

In order to fetch or retrieve data from a table and display the data in the form of resultant table, SQL Select Statement is used. The resultant tables are known as result-sets.   Syntax: The syntax of SELECT statement is: Select column_name1, column_name2, …, column_namen From table_name; And it can also be written as follows:   Select * From table_name;   In the above syntax, column_name1, column_name2 are the fields

How to Create a Database in SQL?

In order to create new SQL Database, make use of the SQL CREATE DATABASE Statement.   Syntax of creating a database: Create Database Database_Name; Kindly note that the Database Name should always be unique in RDBMS.   Example:                To create a new Database named db_1, then the CREATE DATABASE Statement will be as follows:   Create Database db_1; Before you create a database, make sure you have admin rights. On

What are the SQL Constraints?

There are various SQL constraints which are used to enforce rules for the data columns in a table. Constraints assure the accuracy and consistency of the data in database and are used to limit the type of data that can go into a table. There can be column level as well as table level constraints. The constraints applied to one particular column are known as column level constraints whereas the

How to create Views in SQL?

A virtual table is known as view. A view contains rows and columns, just like an actual table. The fields in a view are fields from one or more real tables in the database. To present the data as if the data is coming from a single table, SQL functions like WHERE and JOIN statements can be added. Views are created using the CREATE VIEW statement. Views can be created from a

How to insert data in tables using SQL?

To insert records into the table using MySQL, INSERT INTO statement is used. What is MySQL insert? In order to enter or insert information into the MySql table, MySQL Insert is used. To do so, one has to create a table with column(s) of the same type as that of the content one would like to insert. Thus, one cannot insert word articles in a column which accepts only integers. How to Add Data