Top 7 Most Dangerous Countries For Tourists

Thanks to modern technology, visiting the world and watching the sights has never been this easy. Still, even the most adventurous liquor need to be aware of where they’re going. There are some places around the world that are more dangerous than others. That’s not to say that they aren’t full of beloved people, but tourists should be careful if they start wandering in any of these countries.   Askiguru has discovered Top 7

5 Countries who will pay you to live there !!

 Would you like to start a new life somewhere else? Then why not move to a place that wants you to live there so much that they’ll offer you cash or other incentives to relocate? In the face of declining or slowing population growth, some cities have decided to get aggressive about their survival. Some are giving away free land, while others are literally handing out tons of cash to people who agree

Top 8 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth

With the progression of technology, it has become much easier to travel to antithetical parts of the world. In the early days of civilization, it used to take months to travel from one place to another, but now it’s possible to cover large distances in just a couple of hours. If you love travelling and believe that planet Earth has been fully explored by now, you must be one of those people

10 Countries Where The Rupee Will Make You Feel Rich

Travel to international destinations does require a lot of budget-planning, given the inequality in the currency rates between countries. But some destinations around the world not only offering popular tourist attractions, but also providing them at a relatively cheaper rate. Earning in rupees does not mean its difficult for you to tour round the world and spend lavishly. Even though it is not the strongest currency, you can still enjoy

10 Most Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

Of course, many people have often heard the saying (but never really payed any attention to it) that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do in our daily lives. But since the invention of the modern automobile, we have been in love with our cars, trucks and motorcycles. It’s hard to think how we could function on a daily basis without a personal car around to take

10 Unbelievable Hotel Rooms Even The Richest Can’t Afford

When it comes to the world’s most luxurious hotels, you are most certainly spoilt for choice. Every country has something unique to offer guests, but today we are highlighting few of those hotels which even rich people will have to think before going.  Ask I Guru has got you the world's most luxurious hotels that can be a treat from you to yourself but not to your pocket. 1.Emirates Palace, Abu

Best Places to Travel With Friends

Traveling with your besties is the best thing in the world you can ever do. The fun you can have with your friends is limitless. There is so much you can do with your friend while traveling whether it is adventure trip or a relaxation trip. We've hunted down the best places to visit with your friends or BFFs. These places are safe to travel with your friends without any

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the liveliest cities you will ever come across. The City is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife.  Dubai makes an ideal place for Family vacation as there are many things you can do in Dubai. If anyone says 3-4 days are sufficient for Dubai then they are so wrong if you want to visit Dubai and explore all the hidden gems of

Top 5 Best Destinations for Family Vacations

If you are planning for family holidays and wondering where to go this time? Then we are covering 5 best destinations to visit for Family vacation. These places make that make an ideal destination for family vacation. We understand how difficult it is to short-list holiday destinations. So we are here to help.Following is the list of Top 5 Best destinations for Family Vacations. Singapore Singapore ticks all the boxes

5 Essentials You Need When You Pack for a Two Day Trip

When you are traveling, the important thing is what you carry in our luggage. Maybe it's not that important while you are traveling but for many, it means everything they need for proper functioning. The biggest question while going on a short 2-day trip is what to carry and what not to carry. Ideally when you travel, the less is more. So what are the essential that you can carry when