Android vs. Cyanogenmod

When someone is planning to buy a smartphone,t he first thing comes to mind is ‘Android’ because the age of android is growing very rapidly. Almost 90% market of Indian smartphone and tablet industry is captured by Android. There are several reasons behind the success of android os. Android phones have feature-rich applications that are not included in other mobile phones, and are ready to take on the market. One

Big data: A Big Revolution

Data has been ‘big’ for many years, so why it is getting so much attention now and becoming the topic of discussion. One of the reasons for it can be that organizations are beginning to realize that they have a lot of information about almost everything they do that could give them a better insight. Big data has a lot of potential to benefit organizations in every industry. Big Data

Android Malware to Spy on You even if your Cell is Switched Off

A nefarious breakthrough in mobile device software has occurred as a newly discovered spyware program which can actually track you after you’ve shut down your phone. Well yes even after you’ve shut down your phone. A malware is software which is harmful to your device while a spyware is a  program that gathers information about a  user without its permission. AVG an anti–virus software company spotted that the malware tricks

Is Apple planning to produce cars?

Apple aims to begin producing an electric vehicle by early 2020, Bloomberg cited people with knowledge of the matter as saying, a seemingly aggressive target for a mobile devices maker with little experience in car manufacture. Apple is encouraging its “car team” of about 200 people to meet that goal as per the reports. But Apple may decide to scrap its car-making effort, or delay it, if executives grew unhappy

FaceBook Marketing Startup “TORO” purchased by Google

Google announced that it has acquired Toro, a startup company led by Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney that helps developers promote their apps on Facebook. It was formally known as Red Hot Labs. The commercials have not been disclosed. The San Francisco-based startup Toro is known to offer services and tools to help software engineers promote their user numbers. The founders had previously co-founded MyMiniLife, which played a key role

Accessories that can Damage your Car

Going overboard with accessories can make your car look better but can destroy other aspects. 1. Huge rims While big rims can definitely look good, a lot of times people go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. Making a shift from stock 15-inch wheels to slightly larger and sportier 16-inch ones wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the

Apple Acquired Patent for Touchless Screens

Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday for technology that allows its devices to read physical gestures and respond based on hand movements. That could lead to a major shift in how its users interact with their computers. Microsoft and Samsung already incorporate gesture controls into some of their products, peraps the most widely known being the Microsoft's Xbox Kinect motion sensor. Apple, however, could bring about a new era

Selling Goods through Facebook?

Facebook is coming with new features and exploring more dimensions which can prove beneficial to its users. After Facebook planning for a dislike button, it is currently testing a new feature which allows its users to sell goods while they are posting something to a group, according to a report on The Next Web. The report also affirmed that some users have noticed a ‘Sell Something’ button right next to

Is Apple planning for Solar-Powered MacBooks?

Charging your laptop has always been a thing of concern for the users. They always have to find a place where they find a plug point to charge their laptops. But it seems that MacBook users are soon going to be benefited as in near future you might be able to charge your laptop by just sitting in the sun. This technology can soon be put into use since Apple

Printing Photos from iPhone

Cameras have become a thing of past due to the invention of Digital photography. In current time where smart phones comes with cameras that sometime provides better features than normal cameras, the use of cameras have taken a back seat. But, there comes a time when you feel nostalgic about the old days where you were able to take printout of the picture. To take out instant printout of your