7 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets

There’s no doubt that modern day smartphones are pretty great. Android smartphones and the iPhones come with some great hardware, and operating systems that feature millions of amazing apps. So, when you buy a new smartphone these days, you get a great package. However, if there’s one thing that really enhances smartphones, are the amazing smartphone gadgets.   Smartphones have become such a big part of our lives. We use them as alarm clocks, for communication, and

7 Inventions That Will Make Your Life Better

 Just buying something so-called “useful” doesn’t seem much of an improvement, but after you save your time and efforts your mind just might change on that matter. Innovations help to make our dull lives not only more interesting but also a whole lot easier, and recently these inventions have reached a new level of funk. After all, who doesn't like convenience? And that added with fun and colour – what more could

5 Innovative Car Keys Taking Driving To a Whole New Level

Car keys have come a long way since even my early driving days. Some automakers have ditched the classic key altogether for high-tech fobs, while others are giving classic keys an aesthetic upgrade. If you have ever driven a car before, you have probably turned a key to start one. With a apparently endless array of push-button starts and key fob options, there is something so satisfying about the turn

5 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in the World

 As technology continues to change the ways in which we lead our lives, so too does technology afford hotels and resorts the chance to provide one-of-a-kind experiences to their guests. In recent years, and specially in some of the world’s most popular global hot spots, this has meant building clubs, restaurants and even rooms underwater. If you’re spending a lot of money to travel the world, then you’ve got to be willing to

7 Rarest And Most Expensive Cars In The World!

 There are the cars we drive to work every day, the cars we use to take our kids to school, the cars we pick up groceries with and the ones we use to pull stuff from The Home Depot. They're functional, reliable, practical and in most cases, they're relatively boring, too.   There are also the cars which can be said miracles of engineering. The ones that glorify speed and luxury.

7 Cool Things On Amazon

I'm not one of those who will spend dollars on gadgets, because I happen to love them — but the selection can be hit-or-miss, and sometimes the quality is less than ideal. Luckily, for anyone on a budget, there are other options. Amazon is loaded with products that too in less price, and the amount of reviewers vouching for the quality might just surprise you.   Personally, I'm always on the lookout

5 Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

We love new inventions, but there are so many of them coming up everyday that it become hard to keep a track. It is especially hard to find the small gadgets which won’t change the world obviously but still they are pretty awesome.   We live in a technologically advanced generation. Scientists and product designers are constantly coming up with clever ideas for various amazing gadgets that they hope will be the next ‘big thing’. On the

5 Most Insane Fighter Aircraft You Won’t Believe Exist

What can be more exciting or exhilarating than seeing and hearing a high-speed flying jet fighter aircraft. These defenders of the sky are made with some of the most innovative technology known to man. And they need to be. It goes the same for any wartime machine; the one with the fastest, the deadliest, and most innovative machine wins.   With that in mind, join us as we take a

7 Most Expensive Military Machines

Military machines are the draw-dropping efforts of engineering and design. Awesome machines carefully crafted and planned out for years before being expertly constructed. They are also terrifying. They can bring about massive devastation and tragedy.   They are super expensive epitome of paradox; high-tech machines of war designed to ensure peace. While we all hope they are never needed to fire shots in anger, these military vehicles are undoubtedly amazing.   Now

8 REAL Hover Boards And Hover Bikes That Actually Hover

We all have heard and seen Hoverboards. They are cool, stylish, and great deal of fun. But with its all awesomeness the hoverboard industry faced some issues. Self-Balancing Scooters or “Hoverboards” became famous very fast but with its popularity a lot of people started complaining of the batteries short-circuit problems. After many research and the recall of more than half a million hover boards by the companies, today hover boards