Charging to 100%?

It is a problem that has cursed humanity since the emergence of the mobile phone. We use our trusted pocket computers, commonly known as smatphones so much that they rarely get through a day with any power left. Many of us plug them at night and go off to sleep, as a matter of knowledge that we’ll wake up to a fully charged cellphones. There are lots of misconceptions and questionable ideas on this topic but –

Top 5 Gadgets Women like to Own.

There many tech-savvy girls and women out there and many have a different preference when it comes to tech. For example, mobile phones. Some like IOS and others like Android. But there are few gadgets every girl likes to own or receive whether you are tech savvy or not.  Following is the list of gadgets every woman likes to own ( except Mobile phones ) :      Power Bank  

Top 3 Reasons To Browse The Web Anonymously

There are a variety of types of software and even more reasons to browse the web anonymously. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is probably the most essential list for anonymous surfing advantages. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for, and maybe find out something you didn't know. For the top three reasons to browse the web anonymously, I've divided them into these three major categories: Security,

Reasons That Are Making Your Computer Slow Down

Why is my computer slowing? When you bought your new computer out of the box and set it up and explored the different features of computer and it was really amazing to discover all of the new things it can perform. One of the best things about it was that it was very fast compared to the old computer but as time has passed your computer started to get slow.

Freedom of Expressing Using Social Media – Boon or Bad?

Nowadays social media and social networks are a fantastic way to express to anyone anywhere round the world. Whether it is a Facebook status, writing on walls, sharing your photos, tweeting via Twitter, etc all are the extensions of you and your personality. They portray your interests, your views and show people of who you are. They give you a platform to be yourself, to be creative, or to be

Must-Have Apps for Beauty Addicts

With the growing technology "Makeup application" has got a new meaning. If you are obsessed with staying up on latest trends in beauty products and always want to look 100% perfect, then these smart phone apps will help you to make your life much easier and better! From beauty alerts or staying hydrated or getting salon services at your home, using such apps will make you wonder how have you

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

Everything that connects to the Internet technically has the chances of getting hacked. But there are various things which can help you to protect your data from an attack. Here are a few tips that will reduce the risk of your personal data from getting stolen. Be suspicious of emails To find the source of email always click on "Show original" to find the source of the email. Simple malicious

Project Ara : New Revolution in Mobile Technology

Project Ara is one of the ambitious projects of Google. Google's main concept behind project Ara is to enable consumers to design and customize their smartphones, and the ability to add functionality to it as they like it to be. The project hopes to start an era of do-it-yourself smartphones and the Google is pretty determined that it's not targeting geeks. Presently when a person buys a smartphone he checks

WhatsApp: Changing the Way of Messaging

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app for smartphones. This is a cross-platform app that enables users to communicate with each other with the help of internet. In addition to text messaging, WhatsApp can also be used to share images, audio, and videos messages. People can share their Locations as well through the use of integrated mapping features. WhatsApp is India's most preferred and used mobile messaging application. The youth are so addicted to it, but

Android vs. Cyanogenmod

When someone is planning to buy a smartphone,t he first thing comes to mind is ‘Android’ because the age of android is growing very rapidly. Almost 90% market of Indian smartphone and tablet industry is captured by Android. There are several reasons behind the success of android os. Android phones have feature-rich applications that are not included in other mobile phones, and are ready to take on the market. One