8 Portable Gadgets That You Can Carry Anywhere

With every passing day, electronic have started getting smarter and smaller, forget about how dependent and addicted we are to them nowadays. The more used to we are to these gadgets, the more we struggle making space for all of them…hence it makes it increasingly important that we find space for almost every gadget we can place our hand on. Given below are a list of 8 portable gadgets that

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone

The small things we do on a regular basis can affect our smartphone in different ways with actual consequences, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 event. To not blast your phone on you, here are some simple rules that you need to remember.   Askiguru has discovered 7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone:   1.Leaving It On The Window Or Table Even sunlight directly from a window can make your phone overheat. While your

5 Oldest Computers in The World

 Computers have made human life very easy. Computing difficult equations and running complex programs were very difficult before. The invention of the computer has simplified everything and allowed us to share all our knowledge with each other on the Internet. However, if we look back at the history of the oldest computers, then we will find that computers are not really new to an idea.The fact is that, the computers

5 Oldest Cell Phones in The World

For most of us, it is difficult to think about life without our cell phones. They are the first things we reach in the morning and the last thing we see before going to bed. In fact, we do so much on our phones these days, that things that happened in our lives are almost obsolete. These include flashlights, paper maps, cameras, and of course, regular rotary phones are included.

The World’s Top 5 Most Amazing Elevators

While we transit in metallic boxes every day, in our building up and down, some of us feel slightly claustrophobic. We often imagine beautiful and unique elevators in the world, some of which we only see in movies: glass capsules, outdoor lift etc. There are many extraordinary elevators.   Askiguru has discovered The World’s Top 5 Most Amazing Elevators:   1.The Bailong Elevator, China  A glass lift built on the edge

Top 8 Hilarious Inventions That Are Easy To Find

 The line between the crazy and creative is often very thin and sometimes the thoughts that seem very good in your head, should really stay there only. On the other hand, there are many problems that we face on our daily basis, yet no one can come up with a possible solution which can actually solve them. So perhaps one of the crazy inventions described below may actually be useful with time, even

8 Ways The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

 No one can deny the fact that internet has totally changed our lives and our lifestyles. Some would debate that this change is for the better while others would argue the change is for worse. In the end, it comes down to how an individual uses the internet and to what extent.   If you don’t know what is going on in the world around you, than there is no

This Is Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive

Rolex watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world. Last year, a vintage Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman was sold at auction for $17.8 million so in this artcile we at Askiguru will tell you the reason behind this is why rolez wacthes are so expensive. There is a rumor that in order for a Rolex to actually leave the factory or be a Rolex design it

7 Weird iphone Accessories

As smartphones have become more omnipresent, the number of things they can actually do has expanded. There's a whole industry dedicated in making add-ons for the rocket in your pocket, and while a good chunk of them aren't exactly essential for day-to-day life, they're often fun and creative enough to be worth it for the right niche of people.None other than iphone would get such weird little add-ons, so here

7 Fastest Trains in the World

 Trains can’t fly like airplanes, But that doesn’t mean trains can’t run as fast as planes. Fortunately, some trains in this modern world are as fast as planes.   Askiguru has discovered 7 Fastest Trains in the World:   1.Acela Express  Acela express gives you Superior comfort, upscale amenities and polished professional service. It is Owned by Amtrak, the Acela Express services all along the North East Corridor of the United States,