10 GOOD Things That Are Considered BAD By Parents

Sometimes we misunderstand about what is good and what is bad. Some of us will probably avoid the things we will discuss below. In fact the attitude actually makes us be wrong and do the same as most people do. Here are 10 unexpected things which are actually very good for our health but considered bad    1.Cannabis During this time cannabis has a very bad reputation in the world community.

It’s OK To Shout At Your Kids

Did I just say Shouting can be OK?, yes you heard it right. As long as the heat of your anger isn’t boiling over into out-of-control, then it can actually be positive for both you and your children to express your emotions loudly. It helps your children develop empathy, because they can hear how much they’ve upset you. And it can also prepare them for high-pressure situations or a strict person, such as having

Important Lessons Parents Should Learn From Their Children

We all know that parents are a child’s first teacher, but there are a lot of things that parents too can learn from their children. Thanks to easy access to information or the Internet, children today know a lot of things from an early age. In fact, every parent can learn something new from their children and realise that wisdom need not necessarily come with age that is childrens can

6 Struggles of being a Younger Sibling

Being the youngest of all siblings comes with its own set of freedoms and rights. They are the most pampered kid of the family and when you tell people you are the youngest child, they automatically tend to believe that you will be the most notorious child who can get away with anything and everything. They are always teased as being the pet of parents and get all the special