For a Healthy Heart, Be Positive

The more optimistic you are, the better it is for your health. Those who have an upbeat outlook on life have significantly better cardiovascular health than that of the pessimists, new research has found. Optimism boosts overall health but its positive impact on the heart is even greater, the findings showed. A professor quoted, “Individuals with the highest levels of optimism have twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health

How to look Younger?

Do you feel that you are looking older? Now there is no need to worry much as below are few tips which will help you look younger than your age. These tips will not only improve your appearance but will also make you feel better. Frame Your Face Keep your eyebrows in shape and well-groomed as is draws attention to your eyes. Consume Grapes Grapes consumption is very beneficial as

How to have a Peaceful Sleep?

In this busy and stressful life, people generally feel that they are sleep deprived. It becomes very essential to have a good sleep at every night so that you are full fresh and active the following day. In order to have a good night sleep, make a habit to establish a routine. Follow regular sleeping habits as it eliminates the restlessness. If you try and follow the below listed practices,

How to Cure Hangover?

Had a crazy nightout partying and enjoying drinks but suffering the next day morning with a severe headache? Here is a list of remedies which will help you to get rid of headache and soothe you. Indulge in Greasy Food Go to a nearest food joint or order from a restaurant and have some greasy food. Water Drinks are a source of dehydration. Hence to recover from that, drink ample

How to make your Living Room Attractive?

Your home is the happiest place to live in. But is your living room attractive. There are several small details we neglect which can be a hurdle in making your living room visually appealing. Here are few ways, if kept in mind while designing your home, will make your living room very attractive. Play with Colors We all generally play safe by choosing a monochrome palette as it makes the

Is your Relationship for a Toss?

If you feel you are at a stage where your relationship is on the verge of break up, then start working on it and make it better. Here are a few ways which can help you to make your relationships better and more strong as it was previously. Understand the problem  Firstly try and understand what is the problem and why it is not working out the way it used

How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

Want to lead a healthy lifestyle and leave laziness and your comfy couches behind, follow these simple steps. Food Habits: Take care in what you eat. Avoid food which contains unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats contain LDL cholesterol which increases the chances of heart attack. Don’t completely avoid fats. Have healthy fats but in moderation. Healthy fats help in lowering LDL cholesterol and raise the HDL cholesterol thus decreasing the chances

Is Poor Lifestyle the Cause of Cancer?

On hearing the name of Cancer disease, people generally skip a heartbeat. They believe that is the end of their lives. But what we do not understand is the root cause of cancer or what leads to cancer? Is cancer just the result of sheer bad luck or is it due to an unhealthy lifestyle or due to inherited genes? Recent study says that cancer is the result of pure

Take a Break – Have a Balanced Life

Are you tired managing your personal, social and professional life? Below are some easy methods to unwind you and relax. Follow them, loosen up and eliminate unhealthy tension to lead a balance lifestyle. Take out “ME” Time: Spending time alone with your own self is very important for your well-being. Everyone needs few moments to calm down in their busy schedule. Things you can do to unwind yourself: Sit under

Awkward beauty problems and its Solutions

Many of us have faced many problems related to beauty which we hesitate to share. Instead of feeling embarrassed with the thought of sharing with other people, find out its solutions and implement it to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here, in this article we have tried to provide solutions to few of the embarrassing beauty issues. Dandruff Dandruff can be caused due to various problems like not washing your hair