7 Daily Easy Goals that are Rewarding

SMILE MORE Smiling is not only contagious, but also helps in reducing stress instantly, boosts immune system and improves your spoiled mood. And if that isn't enough convincing enough for you to show your pearl whites, consider the obvious fact that smiling is just so attractive! Complimenting someone on their smile “oh, you have a lovely smile!” simply makes their day. LEARN SOMETHING NEW We acquire a natural wisdom as

Some Good Reasons to Say No to Drugs

Drug use is a growing problem, especially among teens and even younger kids. Let us explain why you should not use drugs, whether its marijuana to cocaine or anything else considered illegal. The way to addiction is a long one that has many negative effects on one’s health, and this article will explain reasons not to use in the first place. 1. Drugs mess up’s with your mind. Drugs cause you to lose

Impact of Western Culture on Indians

“Culture” and “Tradition” are very much significant in India. It has always been cherishing its rich culture and heritage and known well for it round the world. But these things are just on paper now, losing their sheen slowly. India is known by its cultures and tradition the people follow. The youth of today are the true representatives of India. The Indian youth have always been the power and pride of India.

Want to move to new city? Keep this in mind

Why is it so important that you move to new places for new experiences during your life? Learn More about Yourself One of the best ways to learn more about you is to go to an unfamiliar and new place. You'll have first hand access to lots of new things, and you'll quickly figure out which of those things you like and which you don't. This knowledge will help you

12 Ways Smoking Ruins Your Good Looks

Everyone is aware that smoking is injurious to health, but did you know it also harmful for your good looks? It ruins your skin, nail and fingers  hair, teeth, making you appear older than what you actually are. Here are the 12 side effects of smoking: Dull Skin Constant smoking affects your lungs which in turn affects your bloodstream. The nicotine contained in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in the

Top 13 Bridal Make up for Indian Bride

Girl’s most magical day of their entire existence is her wedding day. It is every Girls dreams a dream to look her Most Beautiful on that day. It is believed that it is the beginning of her new life after marriage. And it’s only she awaits her whole new life with looking best. Indian Brides differ from different Culture’s to different Region and Religion. India is such a  diverse country

Tips for Strengthening Relationships

All relationships are important; it doesn’t matter if it’s your mom, best friend, neighbor, or romantic partner. Here are few tips to strengthen the relations. Detox your relationships All relationships are not necessary to be strengthened. Sometimes, people can be hurtful and the effort may not be worth it. Relationships should have a positive impact on our health. Our friends can influence all aspects of our life including our weight

For a Healthy Heart, Be Positive

The more optimistic you are, the better it is for your health. Those who have an upbeat outlook on life have significantly better cardiovascular health than that of the pessimists, new research has found. Optimism boosts overall health but its positive impact on the heart is even greater, the findings showed. A professor quoted, “Individuals with the highest levels of optimism have twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health

How to look Younger?

Do you feel that you are looking older? Now there is no need to worry much as below are few tips which will help you look younger than your age. These tips will not only improve your appearance but will also make you feel better. Frame Your Face Keep your eyebrows in shape and well-groomed as is draws attention to your eyes. Consume Grapes Grapes consumption is very beneficial as

How to have a Peaceful Sleep?

In this busy and stressful life, people generally feel that they are sleep deprived. It becomes very essential to have a good sleep at every night so that you are full fresh and active the following day. In order to have a good night sleep, make a habit to establish a routine. Follow regular sleeping habits as it eliminates the restlessness. If you try and follow the below listed practices,