Negative Effects Of Excessive Exercising

It is crucial that you give the body a much-deserved break when it needs to rest after physical exercise. Even though there are endless benefits of exercising, too much of it can be noxious.   Askiguru has discovered few Negative Effects Of Excessive Exercising: 1.The Dangers of Overexercising Most people suffer from lack of exercise, but there are some who get habitual and end up exercising too much. Even though

5 Problems People Who Sleep More Than 8 Hours May Face

People who want to follow a healthy lifestyle knows that we have to sleep for at least 8 hours to be safe and sound. But not as many people know that it’s not advisable to sleep any longer than that. Either way, too much sleep as well as a lack of it can give us health problems.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Problems People Who Sleep More Than 8 Hours May Face:   1.Problems With Weight Gain Various studies show that both short and long periods of sleep

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat

Bad food quality products can not only have bad taste, but they can also cause health problems, which is why choosing the correct food is very important. For example, to increase the size and weight of watermelon forchlorfenuron is used which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling when consumed. Do not stress – we’ll tell you all about how to find these hazardous watermelons and check the quality of other ordinary

What Girls Always Notice on a Date

You must realize that the age-old proverb, "first impression is the last", is very true. Therefore, if you have not taken it seriously or put it to trial so far, it may be time to do so. You need to understand that if a girl gets attracted to you in the first meet itself then you have a lot of chances with her. Girls notice every small detail in a

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog

According to recent figures, there are 75 million domestic dogs in the United States alone and they are among the world's most wanted pets. Proprietorship and training of a dog are one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences anyone can go through. Although there are some major mistakes that most of the dog owners make, and there are also a few important things that they ignore which can put

5 Ways to Control your Child’s Sugar Intake

It becomes a challenging task to control the sugar intake of your child because it is at every place. Nearly everything that a kid loves to eat has sugar in it. Not just in candies and chocolates, sugar is also present in juices, breakfast cereals, flavored yogurts and many more. It is difficult to keep children away from candies, cookies, pastries, and cakes.    Intake of added sugar is very

5 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Bright and Fresh

Doing the laundry is incredibly one of the most boring house tasks, but there really is no way around it. Although engineers have invented new home appliances all the time and now there is even a type of washing machine that can be controlled remotely, this process is still not a pleasant one. According to statistics, women spend about 17 minutes a day on washing clothes.   Askiguru has brought you 5 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes

5 Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet

Have you ever had that frightful feeling that you can’t find your wallet? Modern-day purses serve as mini bags as they allow us to carry all our essential things with us. But if you lose this bag or wallet, you precisely lose everything. If thieves steal your wallet, they actually have access to your entire life.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet:   1.All Debit Or Credit Cards It’s not the best idea to keep

Mood-Boosting Foods That Every Workaholic Must Try

Your work gives you a lot of tension and tiredness. Maintaining a well-balanced diet becomes a difficult task due to long working hours. Eating irregularly and not taking all the compulsory nutrients can make you depressed. Eating the right food is very essential. It provides you energy, gives you all the needful nutrients and satisfies your taste buds. But you might not know that food can boost your mood also.

3 Magic Pills you Wish Existed

 Imagine if all you want to be better than everybody else and for that, you just need a pill. Science has made a lot of progress and it is not impossible, as we can imagine creating a pill that can make one smart, strong and fast. Let us, in this presumption, dive deep into the future and see what we haven’t seen yet.   Askiguru has discovered 3 Magic Pills