Top 5 Things to Know While Shopping Abroad.

Shopping abroad is fun. But there are many things you can keep in mind while shopping abroad. If you do this right; you save time, money and energy. Following are 5 tips to know while shopping abroad that can save you from a lot of hassle. Know the place you are visiting better Always remember to know about the place you are visiting better. If you know the place better,

What are the French Words which are Commonly Used?

French is considered to be the language of sophistication. Nowadays everyone in the world knows English and can dabble in more foreign languages; it is good to have knowledge of some strategically important words. So, here is a compiled a list of some essential words along with their pronunciation and phrases of the French language, so that you throw in gracefully the next time you are sipping the Chardonnay. Bonjour {

Ways the Childhood has been changed Since the 90s

The world is changing and will continue to, as change is the only constant. There's no doubt about it. And to someone who was born and grew up in the 90s, the change between the things, way back then and how they are now are totally incredible. 1. Finding something out Then: Back then we would ask our family, our dad, our mom, siblings. Lastly we would turn to our friends

8 Things you should NEVER EVER say about Yourself!

Girls, maybe the entire world is against you but there is only one person in this whole world that will be with you whole life, through all your triumphs and downfalls, through your mistakes and your success and that one person is YOU! It’s such a pity if without realizing it; you say such unflattering things about yourself. The worst part about it that you say it in front of others!

Jobs That are Perfect for a True Foodie

If you look for most of the answers to life in your fridge, then you probably have more love for food then regular. If you love something so much, it would be so amazing to make money by doing something involved with it. It might be kind of hard, but there are varied kinds of jobs related to eating, cooking and maintaining food that can keep you healthy, wealthy and

What Your Favorite Footwear Says About Your Personality

They say clothes make a man. Whether people admit it or not, everybody to some extent, are conscious about their looks. Everybody wants to look good. After a long thought we decide the clothes we wish to wear. A pair of shoes makes a huge difference to one's appearance. It is just not that, it also reveals a lot about your personality. Let’s see what your favorite shoe says about you..

Bad Habits that You Need to Change Now

The little things that you do each day can wind up having a huge impact on your life. Be sure that you are setting yourself up for a full and happy life by noticing any of these common bad habits and working to break them as soon as possible. Grazing All Day Some people have taken up grazing the entire day as they belief that this will help them to

Unrealistic Expectations of Women which are Costing them their Relationships

A simple funda “No expectation, no disappointment” with which many individuals swear to live by today. Expectations can be quite tricky to live with it forever. Some expectations motivate you to achieve big in life, while some may even put you at a difficult spot too. A relationship turns out to be sour and expectation turns to be the real evil. The best way to proceed towards life is to

13 Habits of Successful People Before Going To Bed

Things which all the Successful People Do Right before they turn to bed and you should be doing it too! The things you need to do before you go to bed which have a major impact on your mood and performance levels of the next day. Successful people get sufficient sleep and also perform regular bedtime routines that are quiet meaningful and helpful to them. Here are few pre-bedtime habits