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10 Extremely Strange Wedding Traditions

  The one thing every human society has in common is marriage. It doesn’t matter how isolated or backwards it is, if you stick around long enough and think that in this list you will find something very colorful as the normal wedding than you are wrong. You’ll find yourself at something at least resembling a wedding. That being said, it will almost certainly not be what you expect. In fact

Astonishing Food Fights From Around The World

 Food fights puzzle me. While they seem fun, I just can’t imagine how people can stand to waste all that food. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. Wasting what’s still good to eat just isn’t in our culture. Especially since all of us grew up being told to be thankful we had something to eat at all. However, in the first world, waste is not only ordinary, it’s even celebrated.

Top 10 World’s Oldest Mothers To Have Given Birth

In recent years, the common age of first time mothers has regularly risen and many reports say that women are now more likely to have their first child in their early 30s – the fair age is still around age 28. All the mothers on this list have taken this delayed motherhood to the extreme point as all of them are over 65 years old and many of them are even first-time mothers. These women were able

5 Incredible Cars You Can Live In

Your car is a great place for personal time and personal space. That's why it's important for you to love your vehicle and have a vehicle that you enjoy. Now a days you can even live in cars. A question on everyone’s mind when they’re thinking about mobile living is ‘What is the the best vehicle to live in?” There are a lot of vehicle options out there and there

10 Human Body Parts That Will Vanish One Day

 As we know, evolution is part of nature, and we adapt to live. In fact, according to many studies, humans are direct heir of chimpanzees. Nevertheless, we have been continuously changing since then; starting to vanish or develop parts of the body that help us in the new experiences or daily situations that confront us. Thanks to this, in the future we will be entirely different from what we know today. Here

7 Dream Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Dreams can be described as one awesome phenomenon of the human conscience. Some people consider dreams to be the communication from the subconscious and some consider dreams to be the result of emotional concepts. However, when one realizes the fact that millions of people with different culture and language have similar dreams, the concept becomes all the more mystical.   Each night as we crawl into our beds for a night

8 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Food, glorious food! It does not take much to make a man happy. Just give him a bagel for breakfast, maybe pizza for lunch, then a heavy steak dinner with some mushrooms, cantaloupes and watermelon fruit on the side. If you have money, you can have the real costly versions of all these food.   Askiguru has discovered top 8 most expensive foods in the world:   1.Billion Dollar Popcorn This pop

5 Museum Objects Our Governments Will Never Show!

 Are you an art fan? And if your answer is yes! then we're sure you visited hundreds of museums with the intention of taking a look at those masterpieces that have left a powerful mark in history. From simple pictures to gigantic sculptures, you probably think you've seen it all. However although museums try to put on display as many objects as they can, but the truth is that some

Top 7 Unbelievably Large Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

We humans are very much mesmerized with the freaky and eccentric things. Just like the creatures in this list that are way, way far from the ordinary. Their impressive and larger than life (literally) size will blow your minds. They are so huge that we would look like tiny dolls when placed beside these walloping creatures. Some of these creatures are peaceful and lovable that they’re just like a giant version of your