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Different Handwriting Styles and What They Say About You

Every person has unique handwriting style which is specific to them. While handwriting has changed significantly over the last decades, especially with more and more people working with computers and fewer people writing content by hands, there is a definite change in the way people handwrite their letters. While handwritten letters can show off over 5,000 different personality traits, most of them are grouped together in these 11 different handwriting

Indian Women Today in 21st Century

Women’s are considered to be the creator, a messenger of God, a shear example of tolerance, integrity and benevolence in India. She was, and will always be an epitome of love and compassion. India maybe was or currently is a golden bird but only in the books, inked mostly by fabled words. Let’s open the doors of reality and face them. India in dark ages, were much better than this so called

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Hiccups

A sudden hiccup occurs due to the involuntary spasms of the muscle called diaphragm. The common reasons of hiccups includes eating or drinking too much, eating too quickly, abdominal surgery, strokes or brain tumors, noxious fumes, and certain medications. In most cases hiccups get resolved by themselves in a short period of time and are rarely a          medical emergency is needed. If hiccups last more than three hours you need

Most Frequently Questions Asked in an Interveiw

Many of the questions that employers ask at job interviews are some standard interview questions. If you give an interview frequently, you will be aware of the questions asked frequently. Since these questions will come up majority of the times, it's important to be prepared to respond to them. You don't need to memorize an answer, but do review these common interview questions so you know what you'll be asked and

SUVs: Latest Choice of People

A sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle generally termed as suv is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually operational with four-wheel drive for on or off road ability. Some SUVs include the capacity to even tow or pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan. Latest models and attractive designs have now dragged the attention of people towards the SUVs. Once called the toy of big boys

Top 5 Budget Smartphones

Smart phones are no more toys of rich people. There are a lot of phones available for common people which belong to medium range. These medium range phones are getting very popular now that’s why mobile manufacturers have also started to pay attention towards mobiles in this range. Some of the popular budget smartphones are: Moto E (2nd Gen): Moto has captured the medium range of smartphones. It provides best

In which Century are we Living? Nirbhaya rapist says she shouldn’t have fought back

The December 16 gang-rape victim may have passed away after battling 13 days for life, but the horror of the Nirbhaya case refuses to die even two years later.  In a shocking claim, one of the rapists on death row has displayed an utter lack of remorse, blaming the physiotherapy student for their savagery and saying she “shouldn’t have fought back”.  In a BBC interview, ‘India’s Daughter’ by Leslee Udwin,

Take Your Hobbies As Your Profession

Building a million-dollar company is not every entrepreneur wants. There are some who wants to live and enjoy the dream of transforming a hobby into a career. This idea sounds great in theory but should be practiced to make it work. For some it just works out swimmingly but for some it can prove to be a hasty decision and major life regret. What made you choose your current profession?

Every Parent Must Watch

The ratio of child abusing – whether it is a girl child or a boy child, is increasing day by day. There is a need for every parent to be a little cautious about the surroundings. Every Parent should watch this video: Below are the 3 Simple steps to prevent such incidents: Understand the alerts regarding the child's boundary See Alert Talk Alert Touch Alert Alone Alert Hold Alert Take Action