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Famous 15 Quotes of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the man behind the success of Apple Inc. He is widely recognized as a charismatic and design-driven leader of the personal computer revolution and for his powerful career in the computer and consumer electronics fields, transforming "one industry after another, from computers and smart phones to music and movies. To honor his birth anniversary which was on 24 February, we’ve put together a collection of some of his

How to De-stress at Work?

Do you feel bored and get stressed out at work? No matter how much effort we put in, but it gets difficult to be a multi-tasker. In corporate world, people are usually stressed out due to deadlines, appointments, meetings and targets. Unwanted stress may stop you from seeing things clearly and may be a hurdle in achieving your goals. Here is a list of some tips that will help you

An important Safety Tip for Women

Currently such a situation prevails in our country that women feel unsafe to roam or travel alone at night. Women are generally advised to keep pepper spray, red chili powder or some sort of small pointed weapon that they can use for their self defense if any such situation occurs. Apart from all these precautions women should be alert while travelling alone and note down the number of the rickshaw

How to Stay Active During Winter

Winter generally turns out to be the laziest season out of all. You tend to stay indoors rather than going out and doing activities. Health Experts suggest that in winter eating right food and doing the right type of exercises build your energy for the entire year. It lets you to focus on exercise for the right reasons. Here is a list of few sports activities which will make you

Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home

We all are surrounded by energy. With the help of Feng Shui, we can balance the energy in a way that it helps us eliminate the negative energy around us, capturing only the positive energy to make our lives better. They say, “Home is where the story begins”, and to make it a peaceful place to dwell in, below are some of the Feng Shui tips: The Entrance: When someone