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10 Incredibly Creepy Photo-Bombs

Photo-bombers are typically attention-seeking, thoughtless people that cause annoyance and anger with the true subjects of the photo. But i absolutely love them. They are funny.  There are many types of photo-bombs, including the ones with celebrities. (They really are just like us!) But my absolute favorite photo-bombs are the creepy ones. In a way, they’re all kind of creepy, but some of them are, like, evil clown-level creepy. A few of these

7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares

 Many of us love watching horror movies. And we're totally used to seeing some severely disturbing stuff in horror films and haunted houses. But we never would have thought that the most horrendous images imaginable can be found in the most unpredicted place—right on Google Earth!   Thanks to their street car cameras and satellite imagery, Google has accidentally wobbled upon a wide variety of nightmare-inducing scenes, from impossibly scary ghost

7 Most Expensive Military Machines

Military machines are the draw-dropping efforts of engineering and design. Awesome machines carefully crafted and planned out for years before being expertly constructed. They are also terrifying. They can bring about massive devastation and tragedy.   They are super expensive epitome of paradox; high-tech machines of war designed to ensure peace. While we all hope they are never needed to fire shots in anger, these military vehicles are undoubtedly amazing.   Now

7 Most Bizarre Things Found Frozen In Ice

I urgently need to clean out my freezer. There are things in the freezer that I'd swear I haven't seen in years. Okay now let me see my freezer properly. What is this? Chicken? Why do I have frozen tamales? When did I eat sweet potatoes? Well, it turns out Mother Nature has this problem too.   Icy landscapes are known to have many secrets hidden below them. With the ever flaring

8 REAL Hover Boards And Hover Bikes That Actually Hover

We all have heard and seen Hoverboards. They are cool, stylish, and great deal of fun. But with its all awesomeness the hoverboard industry faced some issues. Self-Balancing Scooters or “Hoverboards” became famous very fast but with its popularity a lot of people started complaining of the batteries short-circuit problems. After many research and the recall of more than half a million hover boards by the companies, today hover boards

7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In World

Since I was young i’ve been seeing snakes of so many sizes both small and big, the ones seen live and the ones seen inside movies and geo satellites but this one really got me opening my mouth in astonishment.   Askiguru has discovered 7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In World   1.33-Foot-Long Anaconda According to stories in wide circulation online, construction workers in Brazil observed a Giant Anaconda Snake

Top 5 Unbelievable Transformers Cars In Real Life

The fictional universe is filled with awesome transforming robots that change shape to become a new machine. The Transformers movies have really spoiled us when it comes to cars and trucks dynamically transforming into colossal robots, but that kind of thing just isn’t possible here in the real world—or is it?   'The robots I've seen in animation movies since childhood all had breath taking looks and they had a feature in

5 Amazing Ring Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

When you hear the word “wearable technology” or “wearables,” gadgets that strikes your mind are mostly fitness trackers or smartwatches.  Add “smart rings” to that list, too. Yes, your finger might be the next place you’ll do some tech.   Just when you thought electronic devices couldn't get any smaller, here comes the smart ring. Although still in their technological infancy, they can already let you receive mobile notifications, send messages, transfer

8 Strangest Facts About Your Dreams You’re Unaware Of

Every night before sleeping you don't plan for a dream. Dreams are something nobody knows where they come from. Do they even have a meaning? How, when, why, who – there is a reason behind everything and that is exactly what's worth sharing here. Dreams sometimes leave you numb for a day and sometimes you have no idea what you dreamt about. You can really live a whole beautiful life

Top 7 Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You To Know

Now a days where everything is getting digital businesses are also getting digital. People are spending more on creating a product's image hence they are spending more on advetisements and brand image. Every day you are surrounded by advertisements. You see it on television or news paper and over the radio all the time. You are seeing advertisement on internet, in our mail and bill board also. Advertisement is everywhere!