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5 Harmless Products That Can Ruin Your Health

Everyone knows that any food and any medicine can be helpful only when you do not eat it or take it too much. And if you do so, then the results can be terrible.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Harmless Products That Can Ruin Your Health: 1.Soy Sauce In 2013, a young male person from the US made a bet that he could drink a bottle (around 33 oz) of soy sauce. He had an attack and lost the

6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Beer You Didn’t Know About

The best way to relax after a tiring day is to grab a fresh cold beer. But at the same time, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to problems of liver and heart. But do you know that if a beer is consumed in a balanced amount, then it is very beneficial for health? Typically, daily consumption of 700 ml per day for men and 350 ml of beer per day is considered balanced.   Beer

How to Get Dye Out of Clothes

Color bleed fabric problems are troublesome, but can be easily avoided. Some of your clothes get spoiled because the dark colors clothes sometime tend to loose colors. You have to take special care while washing few clothes especially if they are white. But even after taking a good care you end up spoiling few of your clothes. The problem is also worsen if you’re washing on a high temperature, so

Why Is Saffron So Expensive?

We all are well aware of the benefits of saffron. Drinking saffron is very good for health especially for the ladies who are pregnant. And we all know that saffron is very expensive and its maintenance is very high just like a high-maintenance girlfriend. Let us see the reason behind why saffron is so expensive and why growing saffron is like having a high-maintenance girlfriend.   Askiguru has discovered Why Is

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World

Till date, about 900 thousand insect species have been discovered and about one million insect species are being explored. When a "cockroach" is seen by humans, a human's sarcasm turns out to be scary. However, some insects look like cockroaches, but they can be very fatal and dangerous for life.   Here, Askiguru have listed the 7 Deadliest Insects Around The World:   1.Black Widow Spider Approximately the size of a

Hate Getting Waxed? This New Method Is For You

 This new hair removal technique can replace waxing. If you hate waxing as much as we do, the we have a good news for you. Compared to normal waxing method we have discovered new hair removal technique which is natural and less painful. Incentive: It give you as good, if not better, results as waxing does. Think your mother fairy has blessed you? So did we.   Askiguru has discovered a new technique of

12 Amazing Habits To Stay Fit Without Exercising Regularly

Today's generation has become very busy.We all have very busy schedule in our daily life due to jobs or personal responsibilities. S o Sticking to a conventional diet and exercise plan can be difficult. So here we have discussed few points which will help you to stay fit without exercising regularly. Don’t worry you don’t need to start hitting the gym 4-5 times a week to have a healthier lifestyle. You

7 Interesting Facts About The Male Body

From head to toe, a male body is a new room for secrets. Some of its characteristics are not only unknown to women, but also to men. Askiguru has discovered 7 Interesting Facts About The Male Body:   1.They Have the Ability to Slow the Aging Process—if They're Careful The reduction of collagen density is slow in men than women, which means that their skin is resistant to wrinkles and as they

Do The Following Things And Get Instant Energy

Put that energy shot down! There's no need to chug crazy canned concoctions or buckets of coffee to get through the day without a 3 p.m. slump.   Do The Following Things And Get Instant Energy with Askiguru's 7 quick and easy tips to up energy levels:   1.Banana Banana is easily digested fruit and it gives the body the fastest energy. There is a lot of potassium in banana and there is a

The 8 Scariest Roller Coasters in the World

Some people will actually do something else instead of going to an amusement park, who strongly adhere to their feet on the ground. Others search for the fastest and most fear-inspiring coasters from there, traveling far and wide for a chance to catch some speed. But it does not matter where you fall on the spectrum, it is not denied that these roller-coasters are just terrible. Their steep drops, curved twist, and