8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about proper airplane etiquette. Just assume what if a fellow passenger of yours get a glass of water and  throw it on your face. You won't like it right and this is why airplane etiquettes are very strict. But there's another place equally deserving of our attention; a place that hosts just as many, if not more, random strangers thrown together into forced

10 Foods You’ll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made

The food industry is flourishing these days. With fewer adults knowing how to cook, or even wanting to, processed food sales are rising.   However, do we really know what we’re putting in our mouths? Normally we consume anything when we are hungry. Although it is hard to believe it, there are things that despite being extracted from something "natural", they are still disgusting and one of the worst products

10 Foods That Prevent And Cure Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidneys perform the important task of detoxifying and filtering impurities from blood, removing waste products and regulating fluid balance. Hence it is very important to keep the kidneys healthy. Sometimes, tiny stones are formed in kidneys. They occur when minerals and salts crystallize in the kidneys and form hard stone like masses. They can be due to high intake of animal protein, sodium, refined sugars, fructose, grapefruit juice, apple juice,

5 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

Since childhood we've been taught to always wash everything we're about to eat.However very few people know that sometimes this habit does more harm than washing certain foods which can spread dangerous bacteria.   Below is the list of five foods you shouldn't wash before cooking.   1. Eggs You don't need to wash it since they've already been washed during commercial processing. A special substance is often put on

8 Ways to Kill a Toothache In a Minute

Worldwide, 60 to 90 percent of school children and nearly all adults have tooth cavities which leads to toothache. The oral bacteria in our mouth thrive on sugars and starches that we eat, and produce enamel-eroding acids. If you have toothache, it is best to seek immediate advice from a dentist before the problem worsens. You can also try some natural remedies to relieve the pain temporarily.   1. Salt

10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Could Cause Cancer!

We all fear the word "cancer" – and what makes these fears so much more of a reality is that there are everyday items and habits that increase our risk for certain types of cancer. From cosmetics to hot tea, nothing is safe anymore! Here are 10 everyday items that are particularly hard to avoid but they could cause cancer:    1. Air fresheners Did you know, the essential air

8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Want To Lose Weight Fast? Follow These Effective Tips That May Help! Losing weight is a gradual process and one cannot shed extra kilos overnight; it needs patience and dedication to see positive results. While exercise is the key to lose weight, your diet also plays a crucial role in helping you cut down on those flabs. It is not just about eating healthy, but also eating right. Knowing the

10 Amazing Benefits Of Banana Peels

Sounds weird, right? But actually, it’s not! This is probably one of the most common fruits found in India and that is also probably why we don’t really relish it as much. But before throwing the banana peel into the bin, read this post to know its benefits. It will give you amazing results.   The flesh of the banana is rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates. It is high in

5 Home Remedies to Get Soft and Beautiful Feet

Clean and beautiful feet is a delight to the eyes. When our feet are healthy, we tend to show our friends as a way of increasing our self esteem. But when we have hard and dirty feet, we cover it always with socks and shoes so that people would not see our flaws. Do you feel too ashamed to remove your shoes in public because of cracks in your heels?

14 Things You Should Do Everyday

There are many things that we've been doing right or wrong, or the things we have no idea about its importance so let's see 14 daily things that are very beneficial to us and we need to take care in our day to day activities: 1. Answer the phone by left ears Always remeber to answer the phone calls from your left ears as the right ears would directly affect your