Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping

Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping: If you still have a little hunger after dinner and are looking for a way to hold yourself over until breakfast, then there are some important things to keep in mind. Although it is true that a little "midnight snack" does not ever hurt anyone, but that is not a blanket rule that applies to all foods. Askiguru has discovered ten major types of

6 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

Ice cream lovers rejoice! We have found that the delicious ice cream you eat, and which makes you very happy, has some serious health benefits too! Make  a dash to your freezer and grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream flavor.   Whether you're heating up to the summer heat, or ordering up a room service treat, an energizing scoop of ice cream is all you need to chill

Top 10 Vegan Alternatives

Home chefs and bakers who are vegan,sometime to find the recipe you want to use that matches your dietary restrictions, can be a challenge. If you can customize regular recipes to be vegetarian and completely plant-based, then wouldn’t it be very easy? This is where these vegetarian alternatives come! You do not have to be vegan to use these ideas. Sometimes you get half the way in making your cake

7 Benefits Of Tequila That Will Convince You To Take a Shot

Are you surprised to hear tequila has health benefits? Mexico is the country where tequila was first introduced, Are you surprised to hear Tequila's health benefits? Mexico is the country where tequila was introduced for the first time, and it is considered a sophisticated drink and is best enjoyed by taking a slow, measured sips. Tequila has a bad reputation because many brands of drinks are mixed with other sugar-based alcohols. If you

Top 10 Anti Aging Foods For Women

As we know Ageing is a natural process and we actually have no control over the process but, who doesn't want to stay young and beautiful? While you can't really stop the process, you can postponement the signs of ageing by following good lifestyle habits. These not only include taking good care of your skin but considering a good diet also plays an important role. After all, it is true – you are what you

Eat These 7 Foods To Protect Yourself From The Sunburn

The most bothersome issue, which completely kills out the happiness for the summer season that obviously is supposed to bring a lot of joy and energy, are sunburns. Most of us use sunscreens to protect ourselves from the dazzling heat the sun emits pitilessly on us. This practice should be continued, for most of the part, however, it is also essential to note that there are various food items that we

10 Harmful Foods We Often Give to Our Kids

A lot of children start eating foods that contain excess of sugar at a very immature age. This causes a child’s taste buds to reduce their sensitivity, which is why normal food doesn’t seem appealing anymore. There are also foods that children shouldn’t eat because of the physiological factors of their body. Askiguru has discovered 10 Harmful Foods We Often Give to Our Kids:   1.Milk This one is controversial. We are encouraged to drink milk for stronger bones but,

10 Top Things You Should Never Share

When you are living with your family or partner, it is something obvious that you mix up all the personal things you own and use. How many times have you used your sister’s toothbrush before you realized it wasn’t yours?    Sharing personal hygiene products with your friends or family members, is actually quite hazardous. Call me micro-phobic but it might even mean you are putting your life on stake. Many medical

20 Short Tips to Keep You in Tip Top Health

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to health and nutrition. People, even qualified experts, often seem to have the exact opposite thoughts and beliefs. However, despite all the disagreements, there are a few things that are well supported by research.   Askiguru has discovered Short Tips to Keep You in Tip Top Health:   1.If you feel like eating but are not sure if you’re really hungry, ask yourself

10 Health Lies We Still Believe

Humanity seems to be heading towards the future really fast. All of us are learning new things every day, however, there are some things that we believe in which seem to be stuck in time. Some myths that we have heard from our parents or even generations before have remained as big misconceptions even nowadays.    Askiguru has discovered 10 Health Lies We Still Believe   1.An apple a day