Harmful Effects Of Prolonged Headphones Use For Your Health

Technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. But it is also a trap in a way because it makes us its slaves and we are getting too addicted to comfort. As humans nature loves to be relaxed, any product which enhances our level of enjoyment becomes a trusted friend for us in no time. But, just as technology is a sword which cuts both ways, more dependence on it can

Amazing Effects Of Putting Garlic In Your Mouth For 30 Mins

Garlic has been used as a medicine for preventing and treating a wide range of medicines and conditions for the century. The fresh clove or supplements made from the clove are known to perform miracles for the human body. It is used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system. These conditions include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack and atherosclerosis.   Some of these uses are

What Happens When You Practice Yoga For A Year

What happens when you practice Yoga for one year continuously? Yoga really stands for the union.And union is in the context of unifying the body, mind and soul. Body and mind is easy to understand and discuss and ergo most focus is centered around these components of yoga.    The styles of yoga and the experiences of the specific masters on the basis of their method for progress in this

Why Sitting Too Much Is Bad for Your Health

With so much progress in technology, our lifestyles are changing, and as a result, we’re spending maximum of our time time sitting down – also called ‘being sedentary’ – at home, at work and while travelling we are always sitting. Waking up in the morning just think about our daily routine, we sit down to have breakfast, sit in the car on the way to work, sit at our workplace all day,

Drinking 3 Cups Of Coffee A Day Can Do This To Your Health

Our latest research shows that drinking coffee in moderate amount- drinking more than three or four cups is more likely to benefit our health than harm it. It is important to know this because two billion cup coffees are consumed every day throughout the world.   According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton, it has been found that taking 3-4 cups of coffee a day

A Simple 3-Step Plan to Stop Sugar Cravings

 Many people regularly experience sugar cravings. Health professionals believe that this is one of the main reasons that it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet. Cravings inspire your brain's need for "reward" not your body's need for food. If you can stop yourself by just one bite, than a little sweet when you get a craving is absolutely fine. But if you cannot stop yourself by one just bite and overeat

7 Side Effects Of Aloe Vera Juice You Should Know

We have been told about the goodness of aloe vera. But,in all honesty, most of them have not been proven scientifically. Which definitely shocks us – and brings us to what we will now discuss.   Is Aloe Vera Safe To Drink? Not necessarily. Taking aloe vera orally is known to cause serious harm – it can cause stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea. Other harmful reactions include muscle weakness, swelling

Is Eating Brown Rice Every Day Good for You?

For many cultures around the world, rice is a main food that is eaten daily. If rice is a regular part of your diet, brown rice makes healthier choices on white. Part of a balanced balanced diet, eating brown rice daily can provide many important nutrients including fiber, B vitamins and magnesium.    Tip Brown rice is an excellent source of fiber and magnesium, and a good source of a

Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping

Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping: If you still have a little hunger after dinner and are looking for a way to hold yourself over until breakfast, then there are some important things to keep in mind. Although it is true that a little "midnight snack" does not ever hurt anyone, but that is not a blanket rule that applies to all foods. Askiguru has discovered ten major types of

6 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

Ice cream lovers rejoice! We have found that the delicious ice cream you eat, and which makes you very happy, has some serious health benefits too! Make  a dash to your freezer and grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream flavor.   Whether you're heating up to the summer heat, or ordering up a room service treat, an energizing scoop of ice cream is all you need to chill