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Top 7 Unbelievably Large Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

We humans are very much mesmerized with the freaky and eccentric things. Just like the creatures in this list that are way, way far from the ordinary. Their impressive and larger than life (literally) size will blow your minds. They are so huge that we would look like tiny dolls when placed beside these walloping creatures. Some of these creatures are peaceful and lovable that they’re just like a giant version of your

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

Although most people wouldn’t typically associate extreme intelligence with animals, that is a bit of a misconception. While they are obviously not able to match the computational and meta cognitive power of the human brain there are certain things some animals specialize in for which their minds are uniquely adapted. In some ways you could say they are smarter (or more functional) than even humans at performing these tasks.  

10 Foods To Eat In Summer To Beat Heatstroke

Summer is synonymous with cold beers, days by the pool, and frozen desserts. It’s all about beating the heat. Astonishingly enough, though, foods that seem like chill choices may actually have the opposite effect. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are “warming foods” and “cooling foods”—and the definitions have nothing to do with their temperature. Summer heat causes drawbacks that may seriously upset our body. Keeping our body cool from the high temperature is

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals

Wouldn't it be amazing if Photoshop existed in everyday life? Beyond the obvious advantages of being able to edit out blemishes, just think of the make-over you could give the world around you! We have got something so beautiful you won’t believe that it actually exist! See the world in a whole new way as you get an eyeful of these rad animals! By the time you're done pouring over this list, you'll swear

Top 8 Most Amazing Treasures Found by Accident

Many of us have dreamed of becoming an archaeologist or a pirate and discovering hidden treasures. Just imagine one fine day you are just wandering around and you found a pot full of gold coins. Omg! What a feel. No feel in this entire world can replace that feel. It’s the feeling of expectancy and excitement and which is why we all love adventure novels and movies related to finding treasures.

7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares

 Many of us love watching horror movies. And we're totally used to seeing some severely disturbing stuff in horror films and haunted houses. But we never would have thought that the most horrendous images imaginable can be found in the most unpredicted place—right on Google Earth!   Thanks to their street car cameras and satellite imagery, Google has accidentally wobbled upon a wide variety of nightmare-inducing scenes, from impossibly scary ghost

7 Most Bizarre Things Found Frozen In Ice

I urgently need to clean out my freezer. There are things in the freezer that I'd swear I haven't seen in years. Okay now let me see my freezer properly. What is this? Chicken? Why do I have frozen tamales? When did I eat sweet potatoes? Well, it turns out Mother Nature has this problem too.   Icy landscapes are known to have many secrets hidden below them. With the ever flaring

8 REAL Hover Boards And Hover Bikes That Actually Hover

We all have heard and seen Hoverboards. They are cool, stylish, and great deal of fun. But with its all awesomeness the hoverboard industry faced some issues. Self-Balancing Scooters or “Hoverboards” became famous very fast but with its popularity a lot of people started complaining of the batteries short-circuit problems. After many research and the recall of more than half a million hover boards by the companies, today hover boards

7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In World

Since I was young i’ve been seeing snakes of so many sizes both small and big, the ones seen live and the ones seen inside movies and geo satellites but this one really got me opening my mouth in astonishment.   Askiguru has discovered 7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In World   1.33-Foot-Long Anaconda According to stories in wide circulation online, construction workers in Brazil observed a Giant Anaconda Snake

Top 5 Unbelievable Transformers Cars In Real Life

The fictional universe is filled with awesome transforming robots that change shape to become a new machine. The Transformers movies have really spoiled us when it comes to cars and trucks dynamically transforming into colossal robots, but that kind of thing just isn’t possible here in the real world—or is it?   'The robots I've seen in animation movies since childhood all had breath taking looks and they had a feature in