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10 Cute Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Are you in a little bad mood? Do not worry! We are here to help you with pictures of the most beloved animals! Take a look at them and thank us later for making you smile. We all know the saying every baby is cute, that applies to cute animals as well. After all, we are mammals, and there’s plenty of cute animals in the world. But some animals are just

7 Craziest Last Meal Requests From Death Row

Have you ever thought what some of the unusual last meal choices from death row inmates have been? In this list, we have brought you some of the most bizarre and weird alternatives death row resident have chosen for their last meals. Whether it is the last meal of the notorious dictators like Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, or it is the last meal of 5 pounds of cheese and 10

7 Energy Saving Hacks For Your Home

Electricity is a service that we take for granted. There are a lot of places around the world that don’t have good electrical infrastructures and they face a lot issues because of that. Whereas, talking about us we only lose power during natural disasters which is actually pretty amazing.   Since the cost of living is increasing every year, so finding the easy ways to save money has become a priority for homeowners.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chewing Gum,

Chewing gum is definitely a fun little treat that gives you an pleasant oral fixation for hours. Many people pop gum into their mouths while walking, driving, or sitting somewhere to rid off bad breath or may be to satisfy a craving for something tasty without giving it much thought. But, if you stop to think about it, you realize that chewing gum has many other amazing goodness.   Of course, only if it is

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains?

Ever thought if you could solve that 4-page lengthy problem of that boring maths class in a matter of a second. Or why a computer can multitask so better but we humans, who created it, couldn’t. If you could formulate your own time machine had you got enough brains. Ever thought what would happen if you could use 100% of your brain? Well, if it happens, your body will get so

Top 7 Most Interesting Animal Eggs

 When we think of eggs, our minds mostly imagine white oval shape egg which is very common or perhaps a plate of eggs with a side of toast. However, there are many weird and fantastic eggs that are a natural part of reproduction of so many creatures. Trust us – you wouldn’t want to eat any of these eggs, so come have a look at how weird and almost disgusting they are.   Askiguru has discovered Top

8 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

There are so many fantastic women out there that it's hard to narrow it down. The below 8 women may look different from all of us, but they are proving it that being different is absolutely fine!. Some are different by birth and some by choice but they all share in a unique lifestyle. The below list includes such women that can't walk down the street without being noticed. Some don't

7 Wackiest Halloween Costumes

 Halloween is that time period of year where people put on shivery costumes and scare the guts out of their friends. We’re talking about scary evil spirit, devil, zombies, mummies, and a host of other bizarre creature-like things! Are you thinking about which Halloween costume you will wear this year? If so, you should check out our list. From the living dead to bizarre demons, Askiguru has brought you 7

10 Lies You Still Believe!

 The below article might turns out the need for you to repeat kindergarten: Some of the most basic things you learned your first time aren't actually true. Being a kid is basically living a lie. Sometimes, it doesn't take long to expose the myths you're told: Santa Claus didn't bring your presents, the Tooth Fairy didn't put money under your pillow and many more. But some things end up sticking around into adulthood and need to

7 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Earth!

Earth is a mad place. There are so many things to do and see. Nature is one of the most alluring things that our planet has to offer. It creates some of the most good-looking displays that you will ever see. Nature also creates some strange and crazy things on Earth that humans could never imitate. These are many of the strange things on Earth that happen as a result of