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6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of

Your home is a comfortable place where you should feel comfortable and secure. But sometimes we also keep waste and dangerous things that take a lot of space and it also negatively affect our health.   Askiguru has discovered 6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of:   1.Plastic Dishware Yes, these plastic ware are light and you do not have to wash them, but plastic plates and cups are

Best Strategies for a Quick Weight Gain

Thinking of quickest weight gain strategies? People can argue that anyone can lose weight, but it takes time to gain weight. It is necessary to be familiar with the purpose of weight gain and establish practical goals. The goal is simple, 'Consume more calories than burn. The weight gain purpose should be healthy body weight gain, not getting obese. Knowing the reason will also help you to construct a dietary

5 Harmless Products That Can Do Harm to Your Face

Many women like home-cured facial and body masks and scrubs. There are millions of instructions on the internet, but you have to know which products are safe and which ingredients are really dangerous and can lead to inflammation and other blistering symptoms.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Harmless Products That Can Do Harm to Your Face:   1. Baking Soda Causes Excess Exfoliation Yes, a granule of baking soda looks like a granule used in the

5 Hidden Dangers of Fake Eyelashes

Who does not love fake eyelashes? They just add attractiveness to your style and emphasize your beauty. Some women are naturally blessed with long eyelashes, but there are some women who have small eyelashes and the best way to make them look bigger and beautiful is to put fake eyelashes. Behind the beauty lie the hidden risk of these fake eyelashes. Everything product has its pros and cons, it depends on

The Hidden Dangers of Honey

Honey is acclaimed for its many remedial properties and medicinal benefits, but there is also a darker side to it. Raw honey is not heated up or filtered and has been connected with certain health risks. You can enjoy the health benefits of raw honey, but you need to check that it comes from a safe source. Here are the dangers and mistakes of the natural sweetener that you should be aware

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry

Do you also find yourself eating all the time? You might get a powerful arousal to eat suddenly and that desire is constant. Even if you are not feeling toothsome, your mind always craves food. This will unquestionably add extra inches to your waist. But if you don’t eat you start feeling anxious, develop a headache or are unable to focus on your work. To prevent extra intake of food

5 Health Protocols, Even If Broken, Will Not Harm

 As we grow, we learn to eat healthy food, brush after food, avoid fatty foods and reduce some unhealthy choices in our lifestyle. Nevertheless, not all of these are strict rules as we may be fooled into thinking. Follow these health rules that are supported by science and abstain from those that are illogical.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Health Protocols, Even If Broken, Will Not Harm:   These 5

5 Foods That Can Dramatically Improve Your Eyesight

Many people have many problems related to the eyes such as diminished eyes, distorted vision, distant or near-sighting etc. By providing proper nutrients to the eyes and caring properly, they can be kept healthy for long periods of time.   The entire health of the eyes depends on some nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, bio flavonoid, carotenoid, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. Regular consumption of certain foods

8 Ways to Kill a Toothache In a Minute

 If you have a pain in your teeth, it is important to know what is the root cause of that pain. As knowing the exact reason of the pain will help you to take a proper treatment for the same. Usually minor irritation and pain can be relieved just by rinsing your mouth with salt water, but if you have more severe pain, you should show your teeth to the

Why Toilet Flush Has One Large And One Small Button?

Now a days toilets come with two button flushes, one is smaller than the other. They are called 'dual flush' toilets but have you ever thought why are you given that choice? After all, how much efforts does it take to press the toilet button to flush it? It’s just one single press. Yet you will see the two button flush on most of the toilets flush. So today Askiguru will tell you the