Slit Dress and how to Wear it?

Since the time Angelina Jolie has worn a slit dress in an award function, it has been in huge demand with the people who love to be trendy and display some skin. Slit dress or skirts give a classy, elegant and formal look. Here is a list of points helping you to perfectly wear a Slit Dress: ·         Leave thigh-high slits to the celebrities It is not at all easy

Fashion Mistakes by Women

Women should understand which fashion is good for them and which is bad. Here is a list of common fashion mistake that women do. Too Many Accessories  It is good to compliment your dress with accessories, but over doing accessories will you’re your look. Select the best accessories and keep it simple with minimum use of accessories and give yourself an elegant and classy look. For Example, do not use

Fashion Faux which will make you Look Old

It is unbelievable that women will try out such fashion which will make them look old. But there are some fashion errors which are a big no for women to try as they might give you an older look. Let us have a look, which fashion styles should women ignore in order to look young: 1.      Tweed A fabric with a tweed design often gives a boring look. So it

Common Fashion Errors by Men

Like women, men also like to be updated about the Fashion trends. It is good to be in style and be in fashion but there generally common errors are noticed which needs to be avoided. They common fashion mistake are described as below: 1. Overmatching                                    Avoid matching everything from the head to the toe. Matching colours makes your style look too strict and unnatural. Men now a days are going