Top 5 Timeless Fashion Trends

There are many trends that you feel you need to follow. These trends come and go but some trends stay forever. These trends become an integral part of our wardrobe and stay with us forever. The become the classics of our own wardrobe and styles that you can wear no matter where you are. Following are some of the trends that have never gone out of vogue.   1. Flannel

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

We live in the world of trends. There many trends surrounding us from fashion to technology. Especially when it comes to fashion we like to hop on trends and get a bit carried away. And then you end up with a wardrobe which is full of clothes you hardly wear. The reason why you don’t end up wearing the clothes you purchase is that they don’t match your style or

Reasons Why Flats Are Miles Better than Heels

Anyone who has worn flats or heels knows the difference between the two in terms of comfort. But is this enough of a reason for someone to abandon heels altogether and stick with flats? If you don't think so, read on to find several more reasons that will have you hanging up your heels. MEDICALLY PREFERRED Flats are always recommended by doctors. Excessive use of heels can lead to many

Makeup Tricks to Save Money

Makeup is definitely considered to be girl's best friend, but her wallet's is the worst enemy. If you feel that your beauty habits are breaking the bank for you then you need to check out these simple tricks in order to save your hard earned cash. REVIVE DRIED OUT MASCARA This is possibly the worst thing that can ever happen at an eleventh hour. You go to apply your favorite

Your Clothing Color Says Something About You

Every woman has that favorite color they think they look best in. But are you aware that each color gives a different impression about you. Certain colors can boot your confidence, alter your mood, or add excitement to your day. Let’s find out on the basis of color you choose how people perceive about you. BLACK The fashion industry no doubt simply loves black color because as it is very

Must-Have Apps for Beauty Addicts

With the growing technology "Makeup application" has got a new meaning. If you are obsessed with staying up on latest trends in beauty products and always want to look 100% perfect, then these smart phone apps will help you to make your life much easier and better! From beauty alerts or staying hydrated or getting salon services at your home, using such apps will make you wonder how have you

Every Professional Women’s Fashion Rules

While people will tell you that dressing in professional attire is just a superficial convention, but the truth is that in the workplace, the way you dress signals your attitude towards the company you work for and your position in the company. It's not always easy to decide what fits and what doesn't into professional attire but if you follow these rules then you can't go wrong. CONSIDER THE SUIT

13 Classic Wardrobe Essentials

These 13 necessities are must, without which no wardrobe is complete. You can mix and match the items always with each other for endless outfit possibilities. BLACK SUIT Every woman needs to spend on a quality and well-fitted black suit. Believe it, you will definitely feel about your money’s worth. This item is perfect to have a hand on for a late-notice interview or to add some class to any

Flatter Your Body Type With Right Outfits

Women have different body shapes and sizes so, what suits your friend might not suit your body type. It is important to choose clothes, keeping your body type and cuts in mind. Know your body shape to dress right: 1. Diamond: Your hips are broader as compared to your chest and shoulders. You have a tendency to gain weight on the stomach, back, hips and buttocks. If you feel the

Ways To Do Your Makeup This Holiday Season

SHIMMER AND HIGHLIGHTING For an eye-catching and glamorous shimmery look, apply glitter powder over the cheekbones, on the inward corner of the eyes, and below the brow bones. Women with light skin, pink based highlighter should be used and for medium and dark skinned women golden tones FROSTY EYES For a more dramatic and bold look around the eyes smoky look is one of the best way. You can use