8 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed at Work and How to Deal with it

Are you battling with stress? At times it is good to be a ‘little’ stressed at work. It helps you to push your boundaries, motivate yourself and bring out the best in you. But on the other hand, if you are always stressed then it is surely a danger sign for your health and professional life as well. Here are some subtle signs, which indicate that you are dealing with

Well known Food Brands Similar to Nestle’s Maggi That Received Lawsuits

They say you are what you eat. If this was to be true, most of us would have been transformed into Maggi by now. We all are aware of the severe examination of Maggi which is undergoing for the high content of lead it contains. But it is not the only one product that has been in trouble. There have been similar cases where a food product landed in trouble for some serious,

10 Most Expensive Brands in the World

Brand is defined as a product manufactured by a particular company with a particular name.  a product is given brand name for its marketing and advertising in order to promote it. a brand name can be a symbol or -design or any feature that distinguishes one seller’s product to other sellers. “Brand” is often used as a metonym that may refer to any particular company that is strongly identified with

Share Market: Place of high unpredictability

Share market is one of the marketplaces that seems scary to some people but it will be very useful to join it in order to get a massive experience of trading shares for online business. It is one of the business processes that one can try in order to learn lots of things for improving the business. Most beginners step back when they come to know the fact that there

Outsourcing: Good or bad

In business terms outsourcing can be defined as contracting out of a business process to another business process. Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another, but is not same way always. Outsourcing can also be in terms of handing over control of public services to an profit seeking private organization. Outsourcing can be very effective cost-saving strategy if it is used properly. Sometimes purchasing a good from companies is affordable than to produce the good internally. Outsourcing can

Things to be known before investing in Crowd funding Schemes

In past days, you had to be business-minded and creditworthy to convince total strangers to give you money. Now all you need is a efficient sales pitch and the right platform. The world of crowd funding are full off hundreds of websites claiming to promote new projects and find people willing to give their money to these schemes. Crowd funding provides promising deals which can tempt you to give money 

Is Apple’s worth more than Google and Microsoft Combined Together?

Ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching!  Apple’s stock prices are tearing up and the company’s shares closed trading on Wednesday, 25th February 2015 at a new high of $124.88. This gives Apple an absolutely massive market cap of $716.7 billion, which once again makes Apple the single most valuable American company ever. It’s the first time it broke through the $700 billion barrier. However, on Wednesday, 25th February 2015 there was another reason for

Coco Cola to Cut Jobs in India?

Beverages giant Coca-Cola will cut jobs in India as part of its “redesigning operating model” globally to accelerate business growth across markets. “As part of the Coca-Cola Company’s recently announced, multi-year productivity initiatives, we are now redesigning our operating model to streamline and simplify our structure and accelerate the growth of our global business,” a Coca-Cola India spokesperson said. “As we have acknowledged previously, this redesign work will result in

Is Government planning to setup Online Agri-Platforms for farmers?

To help the farmers earn good returns on the farm they produce without any hassle, the government is in the process to formulate guidelines to setup online agri-platforms. Already, some states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have set up such e-marketing platforms with their own funds on a small scale. The Centre wants to enhance it to countrywide level. "We are in the process of finalising the guidelines to provide e-marketing trading option to

How private airlines destroyed Indian aviation

It is generally agreed that Indian aviation has failed to achieve the potential that the country offers. Whilst most have attributed the industry's lack of robustness to unclear government policies, high operational costs, and so on, few have ever cited the role of private Indian carriers in influencing policies. Since such instances haven't been tabulated, one is oblivious to the scale of havoc caused. If quantified, the financial loss alone would run