How To Look Attractive Naturally Without Makeup

Do you spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? While makeup is a fun way of expressing yourself and enhancing your features but a bare, natural look not only allows your authenticity to shine through but it’s also the best thing you can carry around. We have a few simple tips for you to let your beauty shine through while you go out natural.   1. Get Regular

8 Superfoods for Glowing Skin

You already know that filling your diet with the best power foods like dark leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, citrus can help to beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But did you know that certain foods can also work wonders on your skin? Every skin has a story to tell. The outside coat reflects the inside reality. While consuming the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can

Top 5 Beauty Trends That Need to End

The beauty industry is ever evolving. There is always something new you will find appearing in the beauty world. Each and every one wants to be a beauty trendsetter and due which many weird beauty trends begin. Some trends go viral and are well received by many and some trends lean on “Why did this trend started ?” "What were they thinking?" Following is the list of such trends that