Going clubbing to burn the calories there only doesn’t mean dance. It is optional one can simply dance to a favorite song anywhere in the living room or anywhere in the home.


Taking stairs is very good for health. It speeds up the heart rate and help in burning calories. It is always advisable to take stairs and avoid the elevator if the time permits to walk up to the office. In home multiple times up and down using the stairs can do the trick.


Laughing has many benefits on health and nature of the person. It can also aid in losing weight and burning calories. The more robust laugh, the more calories are burned.


Pushing the vacuum around is another great way to burn calories. It can be considered to be a tedious task but when done with a positive attitude that one is getting slim and fit by doing it, it will be considered less tedious and you will do it with an interest.


Going to the post office, getting groceries and even picking up dry cleaning all expend calories and help us to feel better and get fit. Keep in mind the more effortful activity is, more will be the calories burned.


Take a break from the errands and a break from the daily chores. Playing with your dog by throwing a ball for the dog can be really helpful for you to burn calories. The act of throwing and retrieving the ball from the dog will help to burn those calories even faster.


This may not sound like fun and too much of work, but especially during the fall season cleaning the yard is a big job. The same is true for fresh cut grass in the summer and spring. Working in the yard not only exhilarates the body and mind but also refreshes the soul.


Gardening is a great way to produce something beautiful as well as burn those calories. An hour digging, potting and replanting can do wonders as well as burn off a few extra calories.


Yoga has multiple of benefits. It limbers the joints as well as centers the mind and body. The yoga exercises like stretching slowly and fluid movements of yoga helps to boost metabolism and burn calories.


Browsing the web, performing some work tasks on the computer and even sending emails can all help to burn calories. If this activity is sustained for a long period of time say about an hour or more one can expect to expend over 100 calories.


It has also been shown in some individuals that driving can also burn calories. The activity of driving should last for over an hour or more, but burning those few calories can be expected.


For all the chefs and people cooking really good food can also help in calorie burning. In about 34 minutes of the cooking activity you can shelf 100 calories. This activity is very much loved by everyone as one can get great meal and burn calories at the same time.