Yoga is not only an amazing way to relax; it is also an effective way to workout in order to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance. If you are new to yoga, then you should get yourself familiar with some basic poses of yoga before going to a class or trying to attempt the advanced moves.


This pose is very simple but can do wonders in order to improve the posture and a sense of clarity. Simply stand with your feet apart like hip-width and focus on breathing slowly and deeply at an even pace, keeping your neck in line with your spine. Although your arms should be at your side, but you can move them into a prayer form or stretch them upwards after a few minutes.


This popular pose is great for your calves, heels and also helps to promote circulation. Start the pose using both the hands and feet’s then slowly walk your hands forward. After you do this, just raise your hips upward until your body is in an inverted V shape. You can try "walking the dog" by keeping your heels on the floor and alternatively pressing them down.


This is an inverse of downward facing dog; this pose will help to stretch and strengthen your spine, arms, and wrists. Lie with your face facing down on the floor and using your arms push your chest upwards. Extend your arms completely by keeping your legs on the floor by forcing your hips downwards.


This pose is often used as the default position in yoga, it is perfect for relaxing. Start by sitting upright on your heels, and then roll forward your torso, bringing your head touching the ground. Extend your arms forward on the floor and then rest your chest on your knees comfortably. Then simply focus on breathing and relax.


An elaboration to the mountain pose, this position will strengthen your calves, thighs, ankles, and spine along with improving your balance. Put your weight on your left leg, slowly lifting your right foot and placing it inside of your left thigh. You can put your hands in a prayer form, or you can try reaching upwards.


The warrior pose is excellent to strengthen and stretch your legs and ankles. Stand with your feet kept widely apart, turn your left foot slightly in and right foot to 90 degrees to the side. Turn your body towards right knee and arms extended out to your side so they are perpendicular to your body. Lunge towards your right knee. After a while you can switch sides.


The bridge pose is a great way to help you out to stretch your back and strengthens your neck, chest, and spine. Lie on the floor, and then slowly start lifting your hips by pushing your feet against the ground. Once your hips are up, clasp your hands underneath them. When you are doing this you need to be sure to keep your shoulders and head on the floor.


This pose offers a full-body stretch and works great for relieving the backache often recommended to pregnant women. First, get into warrior pose. Facing forward, bend your torso towards your right knee so that your right arm touches the inside of your right foot and your left arm is reaching out to the ceiling. After a while switch it to the other side.


The seated twist works best for your shoulders, neck, and hips. Start this pose sitting on the floor, and then cross your right foot outside towards your left thigh and bend your left knee. Then, place your left elbow on the inside of your right knee and twist as far as you can. You can use your right hand to stabilize yourself on the floor while during this.


For a great quad stretch that also opens up your shoulders and chest, go with the pigeon pose. Start in a push-up position, and then push your left leg forward, placing your left knee on the floor beneath your shoulders. Your left leg should bend so that the length from your knee to foot aligns with your shoulders. Finally, elongate your right leg on the floor and stick out your chest.


This is a challenging pose, but a great stretch for more advanced beginners. Start in downward facing dog position that is an inverted V shape. Slowly walk your feet forward until your knees are touching your arms. Carefully bend your elbows and lift your heels off of the floor. Rest your knees on the outside of your upper arms.