The little things that you do each day can wind up having a huge impact on your life. Be sure that you are setting yourself up for a full and happy life by noticing any of these common bad habits and working to break them as soon as possible.

Grazing All Day

Some people have taken up grazing the entire day as they belief that this will help them to reduce weight or eat less.  The body’s ability to burn fat can be undermined by snacking on too much high caloric food. The best thing for your body is to stick to a solid meal schedule.

Using Your Phone in Bed

Most of the people are into the habit of sleeping by their phones on their side or lay on the bed and text or browse the internet before falling sleep, it's actually not good for your sleeping pattern. The bright light from the screen reflecting your eyes will keep you awake for a while even after you put your phone down. Instead you should read a book or listen to music instead of playing with your phone.

High Heels All the Time

Wearing high heels on a daily basis can harm your body in many ways. It can lead to many disorders such like pressure on your joints, tendon injuries, arthritis and back pain. High heels can have an adverse effect on your posture, which can lead to heels related accidents. Be sure to spend more time in your flats, and save heels only for some special occasions.

Overloading Your Purse

So many women simply stuff their purses with every little thing they might not even need it. It's much better for you to only pack a few essentials. Roaming around with too much stuff can lead to a number of long-term problems such as back pain, neck pain, poor posture and also premature aging. And out of it is hard to find anything in a over cluttered bag!

Slouching At Desk

When working for long hours it is very important to sit with your hips far as possible from your desk and your spine straight into the back of the seat in order to prevent slouching. It is very hard to break the habit of slouching and can lead to awful spine problems as you age in life, don’t forget that it just looks super bad.

Saying Sorry Too Much

While it’s definitely good to accept your mistake when it is appropriate to apologize for something you've done or caused hurt to someone, you should be sure that you aren't doing it too much or unnecessarily. But you should not keep apologizing for insignificant things; it’s actually annoying and also makes you appear submissive, indecisive, and weak.

Netflix Binging

While Netflix is a great tool for so many of us, it can also easily become a terrible addiction. Watching "just one more episode" can lead to unnecessarily late nights that impact your performance at work the next day. Plus, all those hours of inactivity are terrible for your body. Try to stick to just one or two hours of Netflix per day at the most.


This one is pretty common as it’s a problem for so many people. Interrupting people is so rude and insensitive that it can end relationships. Be sure that you're taking time to listen to the person who is talking to you and then you respond.

Not Sleeping

Whether its work, school, social, phones or late nights watching TV or simply just hanging out with friends, it is pretty easy to take sleeping off of your priorities list. When you make it a daily routine, lack of sleep can do serious harm to your body in future. Lack of sleep weakens your immune system and also causes exhaustion.

Listening To Loud Music

Research shows that listening to loud music can interfere with your hearing ability and also cause hearing loss. The problem may worsen if you are using headphones for longer duration.

Occasional Social Cig

You already know regular smoking is really bad for your health, but smoking a single cigarette in day can prevent the normal blood circulation, which may lead to the development of plaque in the blood vessels and arteries. Other problems include causing blood clot and damaging the life of non-smokers.