Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In reality, each and every meal is essential, because you are what you eat. If you look at it from a metabolic perspective, then breakfast should give you a major start. It should give you a sense of energy, well-being, and it should satisfy your hunger.


While some people are not usually hungry in the morning, there is a strong case for eating food in the morning that will control your blood glucose. A fast energy boost in the form of a sweet beverage, chocolate, or a sugary snack is actually not a good idea because it will promptly result in low blood sugar.


Askiguru suggest to Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning:

1.Fruit Juice

The reason why you should not drink fruit juice in the morning is mostly because of the sugar content. Even if it is fresh squeezed fruit juice, then too natural sugar content can be very high. The most important thing you need in the morning is energy not a sugar crash. If you want to have orange juice, don’t squeeze more than one orange. Rather, drink a glass of water and consume the orange. If you really want to enhance your health and regular performance, cut out sugar altogether.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru



Pastries are always a treat. It’s made from layers of butter and refined sugar. But having a pastry in the morning means that you’re in for a huge sugar crash at around 11am, and your glucose reserves are full for the morning. This means your body is unable to adequately use the glucose it needs while it works on the influx of pastry-related sugars.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru



Cereals are made of grain like wheat, corn and oats, and generally, the grains are not really good for you at any time of the day. Apart from the fact that they are carbohydrates, and many are genetically modified, most grains contain glucose that can be addictive, and can cause the severity of appetite. All this is to do with glutemorphins that triggers receptors in your brain, just like some drugs (including heroin). The second thing about Cereals is that many contain added sugar- some are sugar-coated, which appeals to the taste of children. Instead, go for nuts and seeds.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru


4.Toast with Jam

Toast should be avoided with jam because it is a pure carbohydrate. If you want to eat toast, then top it with protein, in the form of an egg, with or without bacon, sausage or another non-processed meat. Many people think that having a good solid breakfast of egg and bacon gives them the energy they need to start the day. If on a high fat, low (or no) carb diet, there are breads that can be replaced for grain breads (and toast), specially those made using coconut or almond flour.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru


5.Pancakes With Syrup

Pancakes, waffles, and any other related snacks, sweets or snack foods should be avoided, especially in the morning. These are usually made of high carbohydrate, white, refined flour, which generally add salt and sugar – even if you make them at home. To make it even worse, in pancakes they generally add some types of syrup on the top, often higher than synthetic syrups which are filled with high-fructose corn or sugar-based syrup. Maple syrup is a healthy alternative, but in all, all kinds of pancakes and syrup should be avoided in the morning.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru


6.Burger on a Bun

A burger on a bun is to be avoided in the morning, particularly if it’s a takeaway! Burger patties aren’t compulsorily unhealthy, yet it does depend how they are made. If a burger patty is made up with quality meat and no preservatives it won’t harm you, but if you’re going to eat it with a white bun and with various sauce that is packed with sugar and other additives, then you’re completely on the wrong track. Don’t be fooled by the concept of eating it with salad either.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru


7.No Breakfast

Missing breakfast is almost worse than eating all the foods that you should not eat in the morning. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that you won’t get any form of kick-start or energy to get yourself going. The second point is that it will commonly lead to overeating later on in the day, specially in the evening, before bedtime – not a good time to be eating much at all. Remember the old say, everything in moderation, especially when it comes to eating in the morning.

Avoid These 7 Worst Foods To Eat In The Morning - Askiguru



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