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5 Harmless Products That Can Ruin Your Health

Everyone knows that any food and any medicine can be helpful only when you do not eat it or take it too much. And if you do so, then the results can be terrible.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Harmless Products That Can Ruin Your Health: 1.Soy Sauce In 2013, a young male person from the US made a bet that he could drink a bottle (around 33 oz) of soy sauce. He had an attack and lost the

5 Hidden Dangers of Fake Eyelashes

Who does not love fake eyelashes? They just add attractiveness to your style and emphasize your beauty. Some women are naturally blessed with long eyelashes, but there are some women who have small eyelashes and the best way to make them look bigger and beautiful is to put fake eyelashes. Behind the beauty lie the hidden risk of these fake eyelashes. Everything product has its pros and cons, it depends on

The Hidden Dangers of Honey

Honey is acclaimed for its many remedial properties and medicinal benefits, but there is also a darker side to it. Raw honey is not heated up or filtered and has been connected with certain health risks. You can enjoy the health benefits of raw honey, but you need to check that it comes from a safe source. Here are the dangers and mistakes of the natural sweetener that you should be aware

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry

Do you also find yourself eating all the time? You might get a powerful arousal to eat suddenly and that desire is constant. Even if you are not feeling toothsome, your mind always craves food. This will unquestionably add extra inches to your waist. But if you don’t eat you start feeling anxious, develop a headache or are unable to focus on your work. To prevent extra intake of food

Mood-Boosting Foods That Every Workaholic Must Try

Your work gives you a lot of tension and tiredness. Maintaining a well-balanced diet becomes a difficult task due to long working hours. Eating irregularly and not taking all the compulsory nutrients can make you depressed. Eating the right food is very essential. It provides you energy, gives you all the needful nutrients and satisfies your taste buds. But you might not know that food can boost your mood also.

Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze

To find out the reason behind why we shut our eyes when we sneeze has been the core of science’s biggest secret but, not anymore. To get closer to discovering the answer, let’s find out what a sneeze is.   A sneeze is caused by the irritation of membranes in the nose because of pollen particles. So, when this particle has annoyed your membrane, a signal gets sent to the brain

3 Magic Pills you Wish Existed

 Imagine if all you want to be better than everybody else and for that, you just need a pill. Science has made a lot of progress and it is not impossible, as we can imagine creating a pill that can make one smart, strong and fast. Let us, in this presumption, dive deep into the future and see what we haven’t seen yet.   Askiguru has discovered 3 Magic Pills

Tips to Fix Night Time Cough

Coughing is pretty uneasy on its own, that combined with sleepless nights is sufficient to ruin the next morning. A night cough is also a botheration for anyone else sharing the room with you. So we have brought you some tips to soothe itchy throat so that you can sleep better.   Askiguru has discovered few Tips to Fix Night Time Cough: 1.Honey to Soothe Night Time Cough Many medicinal

Why Western Shit-pots are the Devil’s Home

Today, the word restroom is blazing used to refer to toilets. Well, it is not all that strident considering that we use the word as a part of us by the letter. Return to the time when Indian toilets were typical of all households until the omnipresent ‘cool’ western pots shadowed them. What do you think has changed? A lot, we would say: UTIs and other health problems have risen to

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax

Life may feel like a maze at times, you can feel overwhelmed and confused at the same time. It is full of challenges and obstacles, but the real fight is how do you overcome the deviations of life. All your problems are a part of your existence, but this does not mean that you become a victim of despair, you have to find a way through it. The easiest way