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The Different Types of Musical Instruments

Music is a moral law giving soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life. Music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Where words fail to express, music works. Music is for pain, music is for joy. Music is something that accompanies every one of us throughout our lives. The soul’s own speech is MUSIC!! Music has the power

The next big fashion this year!!

New fashion collections for 2015 appear more interesting, more fashionable, more innovations and more trends then previous years. The fashion world is always evolving. It changes and never is constant ever. Things which are in fashion today will be an expired trend tomorrow. Fashion watchers constantly wait for new fashion brands, new fashion designs being introduced in the industry. The influence of social media in fashion industry In the past,

How to get a Perfect Girly Look

There are still plenty, in fact a number of ways to add a feminine touch to your look. A little of softness, vibrant colors pink and of course a peek of lace, make up and there it goes a long way in giving a feminine touch to everything you wear. Of course there's no need to overdo in anything you wear. Simple and elegant enhances a girl’s beauty even more.

Different Style Codes

A Black Tie is a call for formal attire. Men usually opt for tuxedos, women wear cocktail long dresses. A little black dress is completely appropriate for black tie functions getting you all the attention. Formal refers to black tie usually but in some cities it could mean a black shirt or no tie with a tux. An invitation from White Tie or Ultra-formal requires men to wear full dress, with white tie , vest, shirt. Women usually go

Men To Witness Fashion Trends In 2015

The upcoming trends for men we may witness in 2015 Double-Breasted Blazers Double-breasted jacket is now a part of every modern man's style vocabulary. To make it look classy it is important for it to be worn correct. The term “double-breasted” refers to a coat or jacket with two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front flaps. These blazers are tailored in sleek look and cut shorter. The shoulders are

Slit Dress and how to Wear it?

Since the time Angelina Jolie has worn a slit dress in an award function, it has been in huge demand with the people who love to be trendy and display some skin. Slit dress or skirts give a classy, elegant and formal look. Here is a list of points helping you to perfectly wear a Slit Dress: ·         Leave thigh-high slits to the celebrities It is not at all easy

Fashion Mistakes by Women

Women should understand which fashion is good for them and which is bad. Here is a list of common fashion mistake that women do. Too Many Accessories  It is good to compliment your dress with accessories, but over doing accessories will you’re your look. Select the best accessories and keep it simple with minimum use of accessories and give yourself an elegant and classy look. For Example, do not use

Fashion Faux which will make you Look Old

It is unbelievable that women will try out such fashion which will make them look old. But there are some fashion errors which are a big no for women to try as they might give you an older look. Let us have a look, which fashion styles should women ignore in order to look young: 1.      Tweed A fabric with a tweed design often gives a boring look. So it

Common Fashion Errors by Men

Like women, men also like to be updated about the Fashion trends. It is good to be in style and be in fashion but there generally common errors are noticed which needs to be avoided. They common fashion mistake are described as below: 1. Overmatching                                    Avoid matching everything from the head to the toe. Matching colours makes your style look too strict and unnatural. Men now a days are going

Insomnia: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Insomnia is known for difficulty in sleeping or staying in sleep. This can be an acute disorder i.e. short termed (days or weeks) or chronic i.e. long term (months). Acute insomnia is caused due to stressful events and chronic insomnia can be caused due to secondary medicines or psychiatric disorder. People suffering from insomnia fell sleepy, irritated, anxious, depressed during day and may find difficulties to concentrate. The statistics says