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Top 10 Craziest Things Smuggled Through Airport Security

Airports have super-strict security measures for a reason. Typically, that reason is so that people can’t bring anything dangerous – explosives or weapons etc. Even after having strict security custom officials literally have their hands full with the weird things that get caught at the airport. Take a look at some of what's odd in the world   1. A tiger cub However, more often than not, animals people try to

Top 10 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Earth is a planet with all sorts of diversities, vegetation's, and habitats, therefore there are some places which aren't meant for a human to visit. They are not like those holiday destinations which are restricted for a specific period. But instead, these are places which might be your final destination, irrespective of any month of the year. Let's have a look.   1.Room 39 Room 39 is located in North Korea,

Top 10 Countries That Will Not Survive In The Next 20 Years

In today's generation we cannot be sure about anything.We live in uncertain and chaotic times. The world is facing a lot of economic and political struggles, and on top of all that mess there’s also global warming to take into account. That’s why it’s only normal for anyone’s imagination to wander into end of the world scenarios. The current situation of the world makes you wonder, will everyone make it

10 GOOD Things That Are Considered BAD By Parents

Sometimes we misunderstand about what is good and what is bad. Some of us will probably avoid the things we will discuss below. In fact the attitude actually makes us be wrong and do the same as most people do. Here are 10 unexpected things which are actually very good for our health but considered bad    1.Cannabis During this time cannabis has a very bad reputation in the world community.

10 Strangest Inventions You Must See

Some people are so desperate to become entrepreneurs, that they end up creating ridiculous product. Today we are going to show you some of the strangest inventions of all times. Some of them are absolutely clever but terribly uncomfortable or bad looking while some other are just totally absurd. All the below products will definitely give you a thought of why people waste their so much of time and money

9 High Tech Sporting Gadgets Used By Top Players

Have you ever wondered, how all your favourite players and athletes are so fit and fine?All athletes want an edge. It could be a new training program, private lessons with an amazing coach, or in this case how about a high tech gadget. Today through this article we are going to share the hidden secret of many famous sport players. Nope, we are not going to discuss about their love

10 Foods That Prevent And Cure Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidneys perform the important task of detoxifying and filtering impurities from blood, removing waste products and regulating fluid balance. Hence it is very important to keep the kidneys healthy. Sometimes, tiny stones are formed in kidneys. They occur when minerals and salts crystallize in the kidneys and form hard stone like masses. They can be due to high intake of animal protein, sodium, refined sugars, fructose, grapefruit juice, apple juice,

7 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist

We’ve all dreamed of having the superhuman qualities that we grew up seeing in our favorite superheroes. There’s something magical about the thought and we always wanted to live that dream. Childhood fantasies have recently been brought to life with the invention of gadgets that copies some of the special abilities that are similar to the ones that we saw on our favorite cartoons. Thanks to advances in technology, you

Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

Teenagers are unpredictable creatures, No can assume what next they will come up with. With the internet close at hand, there are a number of dangerous challenges that teens run against one another simply for entertainment. Let us see the 10 Most Dangerous Social Media Challenges In The History Of The Internet:   1. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge For a few months in early 2015, it was all the

Top 12 Super People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

We live in a strange world. We come across many things and people that amaze us, and we often can’t believe they are actually as they are.This world is not free of wonders. That goes the same to human beings living around us.  Here are 12 humans you won't believe are real: 1.Conjoined twins The conjoined twins of Abigail and Brittany Hensel try and live a normal life like you and