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Depression in Women

Depression affects people of every age, gender, race and economic situation. So what are the actual reasons causing depression? Why do some people get depressed but others don't? No One Specific Reason for Depression There are no specific reasons for depression.  Lots of things play a role in a person to get depressed. They include things like our genes, brain chemistry, and sometimes its medical conditions. In addition to these physical causes,

Cravings About Common Foods and How They Affect Your Health

Whether it is, chocolate, cheeseburgers, chips or tea/coffee and donuts whatever your bodies crave for certain foods for a reason. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you? SWEETS A strong craving for having sweets can indicate your body blood sugar level fluctuating. And having it in the form of candy, chocolate, cake and other sugary goodies will worsen the problem. Instead of having sweets choose a fruit

Herbs and Spices With Their Medical Benefits

Eating good and nutritious food is one of the best ways to stay healthy, but in addition, some foods have additional and more specific health benefits. NUTMEG Apart from its capability of acting as a pain reliever, this popular spice is also known to help to get relief from indigestion. Furthermore, nutmeg is also beneficial for brain and oral health. PEPPERMINT There is absolutely nothing about peppermint that can't help

10 Beauty Hacks Using Household Items

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Don’t waste your earnings on expensive products recommended by dermatologist to clear up your face. Apple cider vinegar is helpful, crazy, cheap and an awesome toner. It gives you an even skin tone, decreases pores, making your skin soft and fades scars. Famous celebrity Scarlett Johansson has been singing the praises of apple cider vinegar for years. COCONUT OIL Coconut oil has been termed as the only

Must-Have Apps for Beauty Addicts

With the growing technology "Makeup application" has got a new meaning. If you are obsessed with staying up on latest trends in beauty products and always want to look 100% perfect, then these smart phone apps will help you to make your life much easier and better! From beauty alerts or staying hydrated or getting salon services at your home, using such apps will make you wonder how have you

14 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Food

Here are the ways through which you can make the food last longer. The goal is to save some cash but waste nothing. Here are the best and most creative ways. ZIPLOC EVERYTHING Vegetables are easy-to-prepare. But they are hard to store. With Ziploc plastic bags, they remain fresh for much longer in the refrigerator DON'T OVERBUY SEAFOOD The large can of sardine’s costs less per pound than the smaller

Every Professional Women’s Fashion Rules

While people will tell you that dressing in professional attire is just a superficial convention, but the truth is that in the workplace, the way you dress signals your attitude towards the company you work for and your position in the company. It's not always easy to decide what fits and what doesn't into professional attire but if you follow these rules then you can't go wrong. CONSIDER THE SUIT

13 Classic Wardrobe Essentials

These 13 necessities are must, without which no wardrobe is complete. You can mix and match the items always with each other for endless outfit possibilities. BLACK SUIT Every woman needs to spend on a quality and well-fitted black suit. Believe it, you will definitely feel about your money’s worth. This item is perfect to have a hand on for a late-notice interview or to add some class to any

Surprising Reasons that Breaks Out

Nobody likes acne for sure. Acne sucks. People who suffer from acne are aware of its main causes are sweat, genetics, and hormones. The culprit for the break out could be hiding somewhere in your daily routine. Some of these acne triggers might really surprise you. SPICY FOODS If you think you are not getting enough spice, but then just keep noticing quite a few blemishes around your mouth, you