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10 Most Luxurious Fashion Brands

Expensive luxury brands often give people a feeling of status, power, and prestige. Everyone dreams of a luxurious life. It is a normal human behavior to crave the absolute best for oneself. However, only a few lucky ones amongst us are able to fulfill this wish.   What is a luxury product? One might ask. To put it in simple words, a luxury item is one that is somewhere near the top

Top 7 Most Dangerous Things in the World

 There is danger around every corner. The world is full of terrifying and dangerous things: foods, cities, insects, viruses and some others. For us, humans, is difficult to distinguish what is truly dangerous to our physical well-being, and what is simply a psychological fear.   Askiguru has discovered Top 7 Most Dangerous Things in the World:   1.Most Dangerous Job: Reporter Reporters have to find out all the information by going live

Top 7 Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded Anywhere on Earth

The earth is pretty hospitable as far as things go good, but it’s climate does get extremely hot in certain locations and excessive heat can be very dangerous even for the healthiest individuals among us and when our bodies can no longer cool themselves it increases our heart rates and we may start sweating heavily. Later on, we begin to overheat and dehydrate which can be fatal. Climate change is

10 Cool Makeup History Facts You’ll Want To Know

If you think our ancestors had no idea about makeup and beauty products than you are absolutely wrong. The use of makeup and beauty products can possibly be traced all the way back to the Stone Age, some 100,000 years ago, where evidence of red pigments that have been found that are believed to have been used in a primitive makeup. Though no one can be sure that those Stone

10 Health Lies We Still Believe

Humanity seems to be heading towards the future really fast. All of us are learning new things every day, however, there are some things that we believe in which seem to be stuck in time. Some myths that we have heard from our parents or even generations before have remained as big misconceptions even nowadays.    Askiguru has discovered 10 Health Lies We Still Believe   1.An apple a day

7 Unbelievable Discoveries During Construction

Almost every construction project, other than interior remodels, requires that some amount of dirt be moved out of the way.  Many people don’t realize that history could be buried right under their feet.  And this is one of the best parts about construction. The unbelievable discoveries that have been unearthed. From ancient tools to entire ancient towns, you never know what you’re going to discover when you begin an excavation. And sometime

7 Indian Superstitions & The Possible Logic Behind Them

India, a country where traditions breathe comfortably next to global technology. It is a land of religions and as we know that “With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities” in the very similar way “With a large number of religions come large number and kind of superstitions”. In India, we all have grown up listening to one or the other superstition which has been passed on from one generation to another.

Top 5 Oldest People On The Earth

As the technology has changed human living has improved. The one thing that we have continued to seek as humans is the ability to live a longer life. In these contemporary times, we are living longer than ever. This is due to the outstanding innovations in the medical field. Before, something as simple as a cold would have killed us. Now? It’s just an discomfort that lasts just a week

This Is Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive

Rolex watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world. Last year, a vintage Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman was sold at auction for $17.8 million so in this artcile we at Askiguru will tell you the reason behind this is why rolez wacthes are so expensive. There is a rumor that in order for a Rolex to actually leave the factory or be a Rolex design it

7 Weird iphone Accessories

As smartphones have become more omnipresent, the number of things they can actually do has expanded. There's a whole industry dedicated in making add-ons for the rocket in your pocket, and while a good chunk of them aren't exactly essential for day-to-day life, they're often fun and creative enough to be worth it for the right niche of people.None other than iphone would get such weird little add-ons, so here