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What Girls Always Notice on a Date

You must realize that the age-old proverb, "first impression is the last", is very true. Therefore, if you have not taken it seriously or put it to trial so far, it may be time to do so. You need to understand that if a girl gets attracted to you in the first meet itself then you have a lot of chances with her. Girls notice every small detail in a

Tips to Get Rid of Cold Quickly

 Do you need to free yourself of that cold rapidly? Well, the first thing you should know is that there is no evident cure for the common cold, so in effect, this will be an article on how to relieve the symptoms of a cold quickly, or how to function ordinarily during a cold. Your body will finally decide how quickly it can rid itself of the cold.   One

Tips to Lose Weight Around Thighs

A position of losing weight around thighs is the total of two aspects – exercise program and suitable diet plan. These 2 form the ground of forming and toning of thigh muscles. An exercise plan for toned thighs concentrates on burning more calories in order to build lean muscles. Aerobic activity can be rather benefiting when combined with resistance training to lead to weight reduction from thighs and hips.  

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog

According to recent figures, there are 75 million domestic dogs in the United States alone and they are among the world's most wanted pets. Proprietorship and training of a dog are one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences anyone can go through. Although there are some major mistakes that most of the dog owners make, and there are also a few important things that they ignore which can put

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look

Women participants of this study agreed that make-up enhances their beauty and their skin look healthy because makeup reduces all the spots which otherwise would be visible. In this way, it is quite understandable that why women try to get the right makeup look by trying different techniques. However, make-up is a form of art and like every other form of artistic expression, practice makes right! To achieve this level

5 Ways to Control your Child’s Sugar Intake

It becomes a challenging task to control the sugar intake of your child because it is at every place. Nearly everything that a kid loves to eat has sugar in it. Not just in candies and chocolates, sugar is also present in juices, breakfast cereals, flavored yogurts and many more. It is difficult to keep children away from candies, cookies, pastries, and cakes.    Intake of added sugar is very

Amazing Beauty Hacks For a Perfect Skin During Winters

For most of us, winter is the most wonderful weather of the year. But the winter affects your skin in many ways. Your skin needs extra care during the winter. To maintain healthy skin throughout the season, you must moisturize your skin regularly. Dry skin in this season is a common skin problem. It can lead to dullness on your skin and take away all the glow from your face.

Best Strategies for a Quick Weight Gain

Thinking of quickest weight gain strategies? People can argue that anyone can lose weight, but it takes time to gain weight. It is necessary to be familiar with the purpose of weight gain and establish practical goals. The goal is simple, 'Consume more calories than burn. The weight gain purpose should be healthy body weight gain, not getting obese. Knowing the reason will also help you to construct a dietary

5 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is readily available, affordable and surmounts nature’s all other sources of beta-carotene. Of course, everyone loves it. It is starchy and slightly sweet in taste but you can add spices to it and enjoy a sourish version in no time. The fans of sweet potato might just eat it for taste perception but the vegetable contains some astonishing nutrients needed for a healthy body.   Askiguru has discovered

5 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Bright and Fresh

Doing the laundry is incredibly one of the most boring house tasks, but there really is no way around it. Although engineers have invented new home appliances all the time and now there is even a type of washing machine that can be controlled remotely, this process is still not a pleasant one. According to statistics, women spend about 17 minutes a day on washing clothes.   Askiguru has brought you 5 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes