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Negative Effects Of Excessive Exercising

It is crucial that you give the body a much-deserved break when it needs to rest after physical exercise. Even though there are endless benefits of exercising, too much of it can be noxious.   Askiguru has discovered few Negative Effects Of Excessive Exercising: 1.The Dangers of Overexercising Most people suffer from lack of exercise, but there are some who get habitual and end up exercising too much. Even though

8 Portable Gadgets That You Can Carry Anywhere

With every passing day, electronic have started getting smarter and smaller, forget about how dependent and addicted we are to them nowadays. The more used to we are to these gadgets, the more we struggle making space for all of them…hence it makes it increasingly important that we find space for almost every gadget we can place our hand on. Given below are a list of 8 portable gadgets that

Inexpensive Fitness Tools

Staying in shape for your sport doesn't have to cost a lot. Many people are deciding to skip the expensive gym membership and workout at home when their plans permit. And exercising when you want can often mean you usually stick to a workout. There is a huge variety of methods to find inexpensive exercise equipment or generate a free exercise routine when you're on a budget. And some group

Healthy Foods For Winter Season

In the winter season, it is difficult to stick to healthy lifestyle changes, such as consuming a lot of fruit and vegetable. However, it is important to take care of your health and, there are some ways that you can take care of your diet and your heart health. Askiguru has brought you’ll some healthy foods for winter season that you can consume and which will keep your body healthy.  

Health Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood is a primary necessity for each one of us. Essential for the living and maintaining body mechanisms, blood provides nutrition to body tissues and the organs. There are countless reasons as to why one needs blood. The need for blood may develop out of medical conditions, injury, road traffic occurrence, and childbirth-related complications.   ‘On time’ approach to blood transfusion is a life-saving measure or one that can treat

Try these Fantastic Effective Ways to Get Silky, Soft Hair

How many times have you felt jealous of that sexy and long hair? Everyone has at some point or the other. While some people are born with good-looking hair, some are stuck with dull and frizzy hair. The growing pollution adds on to the hair trouble which makes it more annoying to tame that clumsy hair. But with right kind of solution, you can achieve the look you have always

5 Problems People Who Sleep More Than 8 Hours May Face

People who want to follow a healthy lifestyle knows that we have to sleep for at least 8 hours to be safe and sound. But not as many people know that it’s not advisable to sleep any longer than that. Either way, too much sleep as well as a lack of it can give us health problems.   Askiguru has discovered 5 Problems People Who Sleep More Than 8 Hours May Face:   1.Problems With Weight Gain Various studies show that both short and long periods of sleep

Use Almonds To Prevent a Migraine Naturally

Headaches are so ordinary these days that we get them very often. However, the relative frequency and intensiveness of headaches may differ from person to person. You may already know that there is no single cause or remedy for headaches.   Many over-the-counter medications and home remedies are available, but few people still do not find relief from their pounding heads. Well, if you also have not found any result

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat

Bad food quality products can not only have bad taste, but they can also cause health problems, which is why choosing the correct food is very important. For example, to increase the size and weight of watermelon forchlorfenuron is used which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling when consumed. Do not stress – we’ll tell you all about how to find these hazardous watermelons and check the quality of other ordinary

6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of

Your home is a comfortable place where you should feel comfortable and secure. But sometimes we also keep waste and dangerous things that take a lot of space and it also negatively affect our health.   Askiguru has discovered 6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of:   1.Plastic Dishware Yes, these plastic ware are light and you do not have to wash them, but plastic plates and cups are