Ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching!  Apple’s stock prices are tearing up and the company’s shares closed trading on Wednesday, 25th February 2015 at a new high of $124.88. This gives Apple an absolutely massive market cap of $716.7 billion, which once again makes Apple the single most valuable American company ever. It’s the first time it broke through the $700 billion barrier.

However, on Wednesday, 25th February 2015 there was another reason for such a remarkable closing that is Apple’s total market cap. As now it is more than the combined market caps of Google and Microsoft. Whoa!! Yes you read that correct, it is. Google’s market cap of $365.46 billion and Microsoft’s market cap of $349.89 billion, summing them together would result in $715.35 billion or $1 billion less than Apple’s market cap at the end of trading on 25th February 2015.

 For better perspective, consider that only two other tech-related companies — Verizon and Facebook — have market caps of over $200 billion. An activist investor Carl Icahn thinks Apple can easily trade at $216 per share right now, which would be more than enough to put it over the $1 trillion market cap threshold.

Whether Apple will be able to maintain this insanely forward going value is definitely debatable. It is also true that it gets the highest customer loyalty, so there is no reason to think why Apple won’t be able to continue to post records profit for a good while to come.