Apple aims to begin producing an electric vehicle by early 2020, Bloomberg cited people with knowledge of the matter as saying, a seemingly aggressive target for a mobile devices maker with little experience in car manufacture.

Apple is encouraging its “car team” of about 200 people to meet that goal as per the reports. But Apple may decide to scrap its car-making effort, or delay it, if executives grew unhappy with its progress, the news agency cited the people as saying.

A report revealed that Apple has a secret lab working on the creation of an Apple-branded electric car.

Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems has reportedly sued Apple for poaching top engineers to build a large-scale battery division, according to a court filing that offered further evidence that Apple may be developing a car.

Apple is said to be poaching engineers with deep expertise in car systems, including from Tesla, and talking with industry experts and automakers with the ultimate aim of learning how to make its own electric car.

Neither Apple nor A123 immediately responded to requests for comment and Apple has not responded to the allegations in the complaint. The company also sued five former A123 employees, who could not be reached for comment.