When someone is planning to buy a smartphone,t he first thing comes to mind is ‘Android’ because the age of android is growing very rapidly. Almost 90% market of Indian smartphone and tablet industry is captured by Android.

There are several reasons behind the success of android os. Android phones have feature-rich applications that are not included in other mobile phones, and are ready to take on the market. One of the most significant reason is,most of the applications are freely available.

Many people know Cyanogen for delivering Android updates for phones that have long been ignored by their manufacturers. Cyanogenmod is based on android platform itself. It is basically an enhanced open source firmware distribution for smartphones and tablets based on the android operating system. It offers features and options which are not found in the official firmware distributed by vendors of several devices.

When Google releases the source code of a new android version os, that code is used by a very large community of independent developers for device specific development. The developers use that code and modify it to work on various devices. It has enhanced set of features that are not found in stock os which was originally released by Google and thus it makes the best possible use of any device hardware.  

Main differences which can be pointed out are:

  • Cyanogenmod has inbuilt root support which is not found in stock android os.This helps users to use features as ad blocking and moving apps to external memory. Rooting can also be done in stock android but users has to do it manually by themselves.
  • There are several useless apps preinstalled on device by company,which is minimized in cyanogenmod
  • Cyanogemod os provides more security than other normal android.
  • Different themes can be applied in cyanogenmod which is not possible with stock android os.
  • cyanogenmod enriches devices with more speed and better performance than normal android.