Currently such a situation prevails in our country that women feel unsafe to roam or travel alone at night. Women are generally advised to keep pepper spray, red chili powder or some sort of small pointed weapon that they can use for their self defense if any such situation occurs.

Apart from all these precautions women should be alert while travelling alone and note down the number of the rickshaw or taxi and simply “Text your travel route to a friend and send him the vehicle number in which you are travelling.”

It is strongly recommended that the travelers should maintain the habit of sharing their travel route and details with their family and close friends.

It is advisable that they should send the message before or soon after you board a taxi, auto or bus and make it a habit.

It is not that this should be done only at the time of travelling at night, it can be done in the broad day light also whenever women is travelling alone and feels unsafe.

This tip is not a very complicated or difficult which cannot be followed. One has to make this a compulsory practice irrespective of the people or vehicle they are travelling with.

If such an act is popularized and accepted by all you women then this will create a natural fear in the mind of impostors.

A rule should be passed that it should be made mandatory for the driver to display his photo and driving license.

Make it a habit to keep your family members and friends updates and aware of your plans and movements at any time of the days.