Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), is a later stage of HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus).

HIV is generally caused due to a person coming in contact with another person with blood or infected sexual secretions.

People, who suffer from AIDS, have weak immune systems due to which they behave vulnerably o certain infections and conditions.

Those infected with HIV, over the long years have increased chances of coming in contact with AIDS. You can reduce this risk, by maintain strict schedule of highly useful Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).

People who are treated using ART lead an almost normal life. The Antiretroviral Therapy helps in improving the immunity system which considerable increases the life expectancy. You should keep in mind that ART is a treatment and not a cure.

In some cases, it may happen that HIV becomes resistant to some ART medications. To avoid this, you should follow the prescribed medications strictly and if in any cases you want to discontinue the medication due to the side effects then consult your physician first.

Researchers are finding a way for a vaccine and cure for HIV.

How is AIDS Caused?

As stated above, Aids is an advanced stage of HIV. It has been seen that over a period of time, the virus attacks the immune system and targets special CD4 cells which helps in protecting our body from various infections and diseases like cancer. Gradually the CD4 cells start to fall and weaken the immunity level to an extent where it is not able to fight against any infections and diseases like cancer.

HIV contains Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), a genetic material and is a very small virus. When the animals are infected by HIV, the virus uses a special enzyme known as reverse transcriptase, and transcribes RNA to DNA. When the HIV reproduces, it is said that it makes genetic mistakes and mutations which results in slight varying of the viruses. The capability to make small variations, aides HIV to When HIV reproduces, it is prone to making small genetic mistakes or mutations, resulting in viruses that vary slightly from each other. This ability to create minor variations allows HIV to break through the immunologic defense of the body and eventually leading to lifelong disease.