Guys do you pat yourself on the back for knowing not to wear socks with sandals you might think that's enough but most girls are quick to notice other fashion faux-pas, that you may be making we'll show you some things that you might be guilty of that have women running in the other direction.
1. Jeans 
One thing that always looks good on a man jeans are a classic wardrobe staple but be sure they fit properly you don't have to squeeze into skinny jeans but make sure you're not still trying to rock a pair of 90 style baggy jeans your jeans should also be the right length so that the bottoms don't get frayed making you look downright slovenly oh and while we love denim jean shorts or shorts are a no-go for sure.


2. Facial Hair 
Whether you prefer to be clean-shaven embrace the full beard or fall somewhere in between be show you commit to your chosen style of facial hair an unkempt beard looks less lumberjack cheek and more like Hagrid from Harry Potter if you choose not to grow a beard make sure you keep your stubble under control if you opt for a style in the middle be sure to keep everything neatly trimmed especially your neck area.


3. Pleated 
Just say no to pleated pants as discussed adding extra fabric to your pants isn't flattering and pleats are no exception it gives you a very strange silhouette and doesn't look appealing on anyone they also look very dated and it's rare to see younger men wearing them for a reason a pair of slim fitted flat front pants are indefinitely more flattering to beat problems no offense but.


4. Feet Problems
Men aren't renowned for taking impeccable care of their feet we love the sleek sockless shoe leather in the warmer months but most men don't know that you're supposed to be wearing no-show socks with them these prevent your feet from getting sweaty and smelling and they make your shoes feel much more comfortable.

5. Accessories 
Guys can certainly accessorize as well but learn to do so appropriately fashion icon Coco Chanel once said that you should look in a mirror and remove one accessory before you leave the house do this and avoid looking too blinged out instead stick to a couple tasteful accessories like a nice watch in a pair of cufflinks.



6. Clashing Patterns 
Patterns are a great way to stand out amongst a sea of similar suits but you do want to be careful about clashing wearing pinstripes with checkers or other non complimentary prints can make you look less than polished and put together always err on the side of simplicity to avoid overloading on a good thing.


7. Sunglasses 
We do approve of keeping your eyes safe from damaging rays but just like your clothes your sunglasses should fit as well wearing a air that is too small makes your head look too big and it makes you look quite foolish you also don't want to have on a giant pair that completely takes over your whole face try a few pairs on and find one that looks best with your face sheet remember just because they look cool doesn't mean everyone can pull off aviators.


8. Sportswear 
We appreciate when men are a good sport when it comes to dressing up but that doesn't mean we want to actually see you in a tracksuit save your athletic wear for time when you're actually doing an athletic activity don't walk around in  basketball shorts track suits or other athletic shirts unless you plan on working up a sweat in the near future.


9. Material 
Sometimes it's worth it to spend a little extra like going for genuine leather items instead of cheap and overly shiny  looking pleather synthetic materials often look cheap in addition to not lasting as long as the real thing people will be able to tell that you're faking it and that's never a good look hopefully we've helped you avoid an embarrassing fashion faux pas or to busier wardrobe need a major overhaul or are you going to keep rocking those basketball shorts off the court.

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