Today, many countries of the world share rivalry due to big army force, dangerous weapons, and nuclear bombs. In such an environment you will be shocked to know that there are many countries in the world who are without any armed forces of their own.

Let’s find out more about these countries without an army.

1.Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and does not have an army.But they have police known as a gendarmerie for internal security. Here the Swiss Guards are prepared to protect the Holy See, not the Vatican city. Italy does not have any formal defense agreement but it informally informs to defend the Vatican City when in need. The service Of Talu guards and Noble Guards were abolished 1970.



Mauritius is a multicultural country without an army since 1968. It is another very famous country with no permanent army. But it does have 10,000 people who are responsible for police work, military and security works.



Panama is without an army since 1990. This country has placed a Protection Group for internal security and border problems known as Panamanian Public Force.


Monaco lead-xlarge

Right from 17th Century this country has stopped investing in the military. But, there are two military units, one to protect the prince and other to protect the citizen. France is the one responsible to protect this country from external aggression.

5.Costa Rica


Costa Rica doesn’t have an army since 1948. In 1948, after the civil war broke out in the country the army forces were abolished. It is one of the major countries that do not have an army. It’s interesting as even though this country has border conflicts with Nicaragua, it still doesn’t have an army.


Haiti does not have an army since 1995. Before 1995, it was very common to have Military coups and internal conflicts. So the government decided to dismiss the army but the rebels are demanding the formation of the army.



You will be shocked to know that this country has no army since 1869. Iceland is a member of NATO and signed a defense agreement with the United States.


This country has no military force since its formation. Police force takes care of internal security. According to the 1962 Treaty of Friendship, New Zealand is responsible for its military defense.


Palau Beach
Ever since its establishment of Palau, it has no army. The mission is to keep the police and at the same time, 30 surveillances units which are jointly responsible for internal security. Palau country is protected by the United States.

As the world today is having disputes and rivalry over nuclear weapons and lands, these countries are living peacefully without any armed forces.