Lately, there's been a lot of talk about proper airplane etiquette. Just assume what if a fellow passenger of yours get a glass of water and  throw it on your face. You won't like it right and this is why airplane etiquettes are very strict. But there's another place equally deserving of our attention; a place that hosts just as many, if not more, random strangers thrown together into forced intimacy: the gym.


Just going to the gym is hard enough sometimes. But you convince yourself because it's good for you.


Askiguru have listed the 8 annoying things which you should never do at the gym to make the gym experience much more pleasant for yourself and your fellow gym goers.


1.The Locker Room

Gym gives various facilities for their customers convenience but that doesn't mean you will use that place anyhow and leave it dirty. One of the biggest issues in the gym is not on the gym floor, but in the locker room. Some gym provide good facilities in the locker room like mirror,hair dryer etc but yes find it very difficult to manage it as members shaving and clogging sinks, leaving them full of hair shavings (both in the sink and shower…even in the ladies!) which cause them thousands of dollars in additional plumbing and cleaning costs.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru 

2.Tune In, Turn Out (Lost in Your Own World)

If you have decided to do gym and keep youself fit than you must stay focused. The next issue of etiquette comes from the gym floor. Unfortunately, just like distracted driving has become a thing of danger on our highways, distracted exercising is starting to become a thing of danger and annoyance in our gyms. Distracted exercising can come from a number of issues: answering your cell phone and holding up others' workouts; being so wrapped up in your iTunes that you're belting out show tunes (off key and off pitch) to the whole club. We all have a right to enjoy our workouts, but we have to be courteous to the other members. You wouldn't want someone ruining your workout by chirping Bette Midler's greatest hits in a horrible, nails-on-chalkboard voice would you?



3.Don’t leave equipment sweaty

Imagine you yourself using a machine which is full of sweat. No one will like it. While there’s nothing wrong with sweating during exercise, infact your sweat shows you have been working hard but using a workout towel is an important part of proper gym etiquette, as well as wiping your sweat off the equipment after you use it. Remember that most of the machines are leather covered, and your sweat will not disappear unless you wipe it off.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru


4.Ignore time rules for machines.

 Treadmills and ellipticals are hot commodities during peak gym hours, so don't be a machine-hog. Do not stick to one piece of equipment at a time. Don’t spend 2 hours on the treadmill if you see that there are people waiting to use it too. Other people came to exercise, too.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru



5.Pass gas

Ya we do understand that's natural thing and sometimes it can't be helped and control, but come on… sometimes it can. In an already stuffy gym room, that's just cruel. That can be the most digusting thing you can ever do it to yourself and to your fellow gym family.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru


 6.Calls and loudspeakers

People in the gym comes to workout and no one is actually interested in your talks. So it is advisable to keep your talks out of the gym. Some of the most annoying people at the gym are those who have very long and loud conversations on their phones during a workout. The other irritating types are those who like to play their music with the volume so high others can hear it even through their own headphones.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru


 7.Yell or otherwise grunt loudly while lifting weights

Yes! we know they're very heavy and difficult to lift. But that loudness is startling, especially early in the morning when we haven't even had coffee yet. Some stupid people even grunts loudly because they are in the impression that it makes them look sexy. Sorry to say that's annoying my friend.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru


 8.Showing up late

Always try to be on time. As it disturbs the entire session. Never be late to class. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group fitness class or a personal training session. This can be distracting for the instructor and other class members. In case of some emergency if you arrived late, at least make sure you interrupt the class as little as possible.

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do At The Gym - Askiguru


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