With every passing day, electronic have started getting smarter and smaller, forget about how dependent and addicted we are to them nowadays. The more used to we are to these gadgets, the more we struggle making space for all of them…hence it makes it increasingly important that we find space for almost every gadget we can place our hand on.
Given below are a list of 8 portable gadgets that you can carry anywhere and you would surely like to hit on:

1. A portable SD card reader
An SD card is a very great gadget, but not all computers are equipped with having slots to read these. So you see an SD card reader read all kinds of memory cards is a Sureshot blessing and even more.
SeCro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Multi-Function Card Reader on Amazon.in is surely your savior at a price as less as Rs. 399, with prime delivery as well as a customer rating as good as 4.2/5



2. A good pair of ergo-fit earphones
If you are the ones who are always on the move and would not like to miss on your share of music and entertainment, but do not want to strain yourself with
illfit earphones neither want to shell out on expensive headphones, then here’s your deal, Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit Stereo Headset. It’s a great deal with more than 700 amazon reviews and a bestseller with prime delivery facility and a customer rating of 4/5



3. Earphone cord Organizer and a storage box:
Having a great pair of earphones is very good, but managing its tangles is not a great experience at all, not at all if you’re actually trying to use your earphone on the go. So, the best deal is to find an appropriate storage organizer for your earphones and its cords. 
Chronex Cable Winder Cord Organizer Box Cord Wire Storage Case Headphone Earphone Holder is the right product for you for a price as less as Rs. 259, with a rating of 3.5/5, which is quite great compared to the ordeal that you go through to untangle your precious earphones.



4. A portable and reliable power bank:
When you're really on the go and carrying a lot of portable gadgets, your gadgets will surely need a power boost and the answer is nothing but a reliable power bank. Here you have a great deal, Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i, which has more than 15,000 customer reviews on Amazon.in and a #1 bestseller at a price of Rs. 899, 6 months warranty and a customer rating of 4.2/5 is nothing but a great deal to grab it.



5. Car Charger for Android and Apple devices:
Although you power banks to support your portable chargers, a car charger is always a backup you can rely on for a long journey. A device that gets your devices android /apple charged whenever your
traveling by car is nothing but a blessing a gadget freak can ask for. So, get set to try AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger for Apple and Android Devices, which is an amazing deal and #1bestseller on Amazon.in for a price of Rs. 499, 1-year warranty and over 1000 customer rating with a customer rating of 4.1/5



6. Rechargeable Lighters:
If you are looking out for some light during a camping trip or get yourself a sophisticated way to smoke and want to dump the old school techniques of fuel lighters, here is your way to get things sorted.
Techonto Electronic USB Cigar Cigarette Lighter Windproof Rechargeable Flameless Lighter is the product that you can ask for and whenever you need it to get itself charged, just plug it on using the USB cable charger. With a charge as less as Rs. 224, and a rating of 3.2/5 is something that you can surely give a shot.



7. RFID blocking Wallets:
In this digital age, it becomes very important to protect your cards and secure information in the cards from being scanned by unauthorized scanners. For this, you do not need to compromise on your style either, with Hornbull Edward Brown Men's Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallet. At a price of Rs. 479 with 4.2/5 customer rating on Amazon.in and is secured with RFID secure technology and blocks 13.5MHz or higher RFID signals and protects your valuable information. Its secure, stylish and lightweight enough to accommodate all your credit/debit cards. 



8. Nano Keychain Flashlight:
We all have the flashlight apps that we use as a handy tool when we need to light up a dim lit area, but as you all know this is not always a very convenient option when you aren’t allowed phones everywhere. Hence a nano keychain flashlight is always an answer for such issues, Coast 7839 LED Keychain Flashlight Nano Tac Silver is the product to hunt for on Amazon.in for a price as less as Rs. 499 and a customer rating of 3.6/5 is a must try for a trip down a dark lane.




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