People are habituated to their routines and giving up on your damaging habits is a very difficult thing to do. These habits can be very damaging for our bodies and can create a serious problem. In this article, we have listed some of the everyday habits that can damage your health.


1. Using A Strong Perfume

Synthetic substances are often used to make perfume because they produce stronger scents. These Synthetic substances can cause dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and can harm to your eyes, throat and skin by causing irritation so its better if we change perfumes with essential oils or apply them in a well-ventilated room.


2. Taking Painkillers Too Often

Why does one in a hundred people suffer from regular headaches caused by taking painkillers to relieve the pain. And five times as many women as men fall victim to these "rebound" headaches. Therefore to limit the damage, use painkillers no more than two to three times a week. The only solution for such rebound headaches is to break the cycle and to stop taking the medication causing them.


3. Wearing Sunblock Everyday 

Wearing sunscreen continuously can reduce the amount of vitamin D your body is able to make and this can put you at risk of serious health conditions such as osteoporosis and depression. Most of the vitamin D that our body needs is made of sunlight on skin. If you always wear sunblock you're at high risk of vitamin D deficiency. So to limit the damage, you don't have to get tan for vitamin but after going out for sun for sometime you can apply sunscreen if you're worried about the damaging effects. 


4. Wearing Tight Jeans

Tight jeans may be very much “in trend” when it comes to fashion, but they are not actually good for your body. Jeans that are too tight can be incredibly uncomfortable not to mention unhealthy and unattractive also as they cause a constant feeling of discomfort which can lead to problems with the nervous system. The reduction in the flow of air to the legs can cause itching and irritating sensation, which eventually makes the legs desensitizing. So this is one of the damaging habit for your health.

5. Brushing Teeth After Eating

Always brush your teeth 30 minutes to one hour after eating. Acidic foods or drinks can have an adverse effect on the enamel of the tooth and on the layer below it (dentin). The movement of the brush tends to push the acid deeper and closer to the dentin. This can lead to extreme sensitivity to your teeth and damage the enamel. Hence, this is one of the worst habits for your health.


6.Using Smartphones Before Going To Bed

If you’re playing on your phone before bed, you’re most likely going to get a poor night’s sleep. It may be because of the artificial light from your cell phone which suppresses the production of the hormone melatonin that controls sleep and wakefulness. This can result in cancer, depression, heart diseases, obesity, and many other illnesses. Going to bed early may help improve your health!


7. Storing Food In Plastic Containers

Plastic containers often contain artificial chemicals like phthalate and bisphenol which helps them to maintain their flexibility. If food is stored in plastic for a too long time then the chemicals can ooze into the food and can affect the endocrine system. So in order to reduce this damage a better solution would be, to store food in a glass, stainless steel, or ceramic containers. 


8. Drinking Too Much Of Water 

We are always told to drink more water but if you're someone who refills their water bottle several times in a day, you may be overdoing it. David Oliveira, a kidney specialist at St George's Hospital, in London says "there are few benefits to drinking ample amount of water." but at the same time drinking a few litres over a short period of time can cause "hyperhydration", which can lead to confusion, coma or death.

If you happen to go to the toilet more than once every two hours then you are surely drinking too much of water. It is difficult to give an exact amount to drink but it varies depending on the person's size, how much they work out and how hot it is, but you can have atleast one-and-a-half litres a day which is good for your health.


If these are your everyday habits then it high time to change your habits overtime.


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