The anatomy of our body is remarkable, isn't it? Our bodies are beautifully synced with the universe. What's interesting to notice that we're all born on the same planet, yet we're all so different from each other. Obviously, the credit goes to DNA and Gene; but haven't you ever wondered how come every DNA and Gene on this planet is different from each other. Nobody knows whose intelligence is behind the creation of this world because as we dig deeper in the search for the answers, we find more questions.

No matter how different we are, most of us can proudly claim that we know everything about our bodies, yet the dark truth is that we are aware of nothing. Like most of us may not even know that we possess some features that only 5% of the world's total population has. Yes, it's true that there are some features (useless and useful both) which are rare in your body and you probably don't even know it yet.


Askiguru has discovered 8 Body Features Only 5% of People Have:


1.Heart On The Right

1person out of 12,019 has their heart on the right side of the chest. This congenital abnormality is called dextrocardia and usually doesn’t associate any destructive consequences.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru



The word might be a mouthful, but it’s a pretty uncomplicated concept. Tetrachromatics have a fourth type of cone cell in their eyes, enabling them to see over a hundred million colors when the ordinary person can see only a million. Sometimes, artists get this attribute and paint brilliant pictures that can only be truly appreciated by other tetrachromatics.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru


3.Long Palmar Muscle

This muscle is a evidence that you belong to ancestor family which used to climb trees. To find out, try and touch your little finger with your thumb, raise both of them high. If the ligament appears on your wrist, then you have Long Palmar Muscle, and if not, then you don’t… but don't worry; it's useless in modern life.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru



As you can see in the image, chimerism can lead to this spectacular image of a human with two very different color eyes. It occurs when people carry a second set of DNA in them. It might sound strange but it looks gracious.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru


5.Double Lash Line

Elizabeth Taylor was the most famous person with this rare disorder called “distichiasis.” It doesn’t cause any harm, it just makes your lashes look extremely luscious.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru


6.Golden Blood

It's neither golden in real sense nor has a golden color. Rather, 'the golden blood' is a condition in which an individual's blood contains no antigens. In 1961, doctors discovered a rare mutation that leads to a blood type called Rh-null. Popularly known as“golden blood” because it can donate and match with any blood type. The catch? It’s EXTREMELY rare?



7.A Hole Near Your Ear

It is the congenital auricular fistula which is reported in the 5% of the world's total population. It serves as the evidence that ancestor had gills. The hole is hereditary, and it can be present on both the sides as well.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru


8.Impossibility Of Cholesterol Growth

Have you ever wished to eat whatever you like without the fear of getting fat. A tiny group of people can pretty much eat whatever they want and never have to worry about cholesterol, which reduces their risk of heart disease by 90%. They don’t have enough working copies of the PCSK9 gene. Pharmaceutical companies have followed suit and are now creating a drug that would block PCSK9.

Body Features Only 5% of People Have - Askiguru



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