Being a millionaire is everyone's dream. It isn’t a mystery that excess of money and power changes you as a person. There are those in the world who have acquired bundle of cash and have found a new direction to their lives. Just like everything else in life, things can either go good or they can go bad. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Being a millionaire surely sounds fun, you can buy whatever you want; expensive cars or fashionable clothes, you get to have your own private jets and all the luxuries. There are numerous ways to spend your way, but there are some millionaires who spend their money and do some of the most weirdest things that you can ever imagine.


Askiguru has discovered the most 7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires


1. Tony Toutouni

One of the most famous person on instagram. Tony was born in Iran, but his family fled the area after the Islamic revolution in 1979. When he came to United States, he started his business, and the strange thing is that nobody knows what he does. But it is said that he made his fortune after he purchased a nightclub in Hollywood, California, when he was just 19 years old. It became very successful and he sold it and purchased another one. There are many people who earned his fortune through criminal activities. He has a ton of money, fleet of expensive cars, and many girlfriends. All he does is travel in his private jets and parties all the time. He literally throws his money around people who are willing to catch it. And he is just famous for posting stupid posts on instagram.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru


2. Yuri Milner

Russian billionaire, venture capitalist, and space visionary Yuri Milner, 55 years old. Most people believe that there is life on other planets, and may be it's true as well. But that doesn't mean anyone of us are willing to spend our precious money and time in finding it. But Yuri who is worth 2.8 Billion dollars, in 2014 he announced that he would be spending 100 million dollars to find proof of alien civilization.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru


3.Salvatore Sam Cerreto

Salvatore Sam Cerreto was a very smart property dealer and has a lot of money. However, all his money could not teach him proper decency. He can be awarded as the most digusting man alive. When in Sydney, Cerreto would usually wander through the streets in search of restaurants and cafes. However, he would not be seeking them out in order to have a good meal. No, he would go on his stopovers with a roll of toilet paper. Disgusting as it may seem, he would squat at the front of eateries and well, poop there.

The hobby of his was obviously not at all acceptable in any civilized society. Every single night, this brilliant millionaire would make sure to go Number Two on whatever doorstep he chose and the places he used to chose were the place where people used to come to eat. After 4 years he got caught in cctv cameras.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru


4.Leona Helmsley

Leona Helmsley will always be remembered for one of the most arrogant statements ever uttered: "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." Leona was living the dream. Her net wealth was worth of a billion dollars. She had everything she could ask for. But somehow, money does not buy you happiness, and in her case, satisfaction. Leona was known for two things. One, she was totally against the rich paying taxes, and two, yelling unjust and crude insults towards her employees. She was dubbed ‘Queen of Mean’ for her disgraceful behavior against others. Leona was also sentenced to prison on various counts of tax evasion. She left behind a legacy that defined her character when she left behind $12 million to her dog who was named ‘trouble’.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru



5.Jocelyn Wildenstein

Normally you’d regard her as one of the richest women on the planet. Her total personal property is valued at $16,386,100 and largely comprised of her apartment and the $4.5 million she received from her divorce. Jocelyn is one of the prime examples of plastic surgeries gone bad. For years she’s been the face of what happens when you rely too much on surgery transform the way you look. She once stated that she did it to look more ‘feline’. In total, when she married Alec Wildenstein, a wealthy man, she spent almost $2 million dollars on surgeries to satisfy her husband. Nowadays, she barely makes any public appearances and stays underground focusing on her own work.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru


6. Travers Beynon

Excess of money can sometime spoil you to the level where you cannot recognize yourself. Travers Beynon is a billionaire who has a rather different lifestyle. Most people don’t agree with the things that he does with his money. He hosts sexual parties where he has intercourse with dozens of women each night. Travers is also known as the Candyman, he spends his day being fed grapes by half-naked women. He goes as far as putting leashes on these women and parading them around like animals. The twice-married playboy reportedly has a net worth of £39million and owns an impressive collection of cars – including Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru


7. Richard Branson

Billionaire Richard Branson owns so many businesses he’s said that he has a hard time keeping track of them all. Worth more than $5 billion. He is known for outrageous behavior. In 2013, he worked as a flight attendant on an Air Asia flight. And to play his role seriously, he wore the bright red uniform with a skirt. Richard Branson even shaved his legs and put on a lipstick. He worked for a total of six hours on a flight from Australia to Malaysia. He did this because he lost a bet to a businessman named Tony Fernandes. Richard has failed many times in his career but he never gave up. He is the mark of a true entrepreneur who has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. A true adventurer in both business and life.

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires - Askiguru



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