We think that everyone would like to earn a lot of money.Well in fact a lot of money really! This isn't easy and we have to make effort to achieve this dream. Besides many begin to earn money only when they attain full maturity. 
In this video we're not gonna tell you how to make quite a fortune in a short time.

Ask I Guru has got you to have a look at the world's richest children, who are just lucky to be born in the right family or had to work almost from birth.


1. Princess George Alexander Louis 
The future heir to the British throne along with the crown can get much more than just power. With the title George will also get assets worth a total of 1 billion dollars and this is only from his father. What can we say the birth and the royal family has a number of significant privileges. Even if George doesn't become the ruling monarch he'll receive about 400 million pounds of income from the State Treasury each year. Because in the UK taxes are used to secure the royal family this amount is definitely enough to provide a charming little prince czech life. 

2.Valentino Paloma Pino
The daughter of actress Salma Hayek and billionaire Francois Henry Pino has already taken part in Italian gala concerts strolled along with her mother along the most prestigious red carpet paths speaks fluently three languages and is used to spending vacations in the luxury resort of st. bar. Her father spends a tremendous sum of fifty thousand dollars a month on maintaining a property in Los Angeles recorded in the name of valentina and it costs twelve million dollars. However to her dad whose fortune is sixteen point two billion dollars this of course is nothing.

3. Rico Rodriguez
This teenage actor hasn't even finished school yet but has already made a fortune of four million dollars. The popularity of the young comedian came about from his single starring role of Manny Delgado and the channel ABC hit series Modern Family. Also Rico appeared in the top five feature films and released an autobiography. 

4. Prince Moulay hassan
This is the king of King Mohammed of Morocco and Princess lala-sama. He will become the king of a strategically important country for europe and africa in the near future. According to tradition very soon the boy will get 2.5 billion from his father and a controlling stock of 60% of the family investment company. Not bad for a 14 year old boy don't you think? 



5. Suri Cruise 
The stylish wardrobe of Suri. Thanks to which he traditionally belongs to the list of the most fashionable children in the world Costard parents. Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes $3,000,000. Some clothes of the girls collection are especially valuable for example a Dolce & Gabbana raincoat that costs two thousand one hundred forty dollars for a collection of dresses from other world brands and one day at Christmas her mother decided to surprise Suri with the victorian-style toy house with its own heating running water and electricity which price is twenty four thousand dollars but that's not all parents not only spoil the baby with gifts and clothes she also has a personal fortune that is estimated at 270 million dollars.


6. Jaden Smith
The eldest son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith earned himself five million dollars fulfillment in the movie the Karate kid with Jackie Chan. Together with his father he appeared in the movies in the pursuit of happiness and The Day the Earth Stood Still. In addition to filming in the movies the teenager receives a solid income from his rap and dance performances and selling things of his own fashion brand. As a result the personal savings of a child workaholic exceed eight million dollars. Despite his young age Jaden like the rest of the Smith family spent considerable sums on charity 


7. Isabella barren 
As a child she earned her millions through participation in beauty contests, television shows and the releasing of her own line of jewelry and cosmetics for children. The former TV program participant wears dresses that cost ten thousand dollars, spend several thousand dollars for lobster dinners and hundreds of dollars every day to maintain artificial sunburn, false eyelashes and acrylic nails, The most Isabella loves shoes with heels her collection consists of 60 pairs. 


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