There are many reasons why people have a hard time losing weight. There are many factors that go into losing and gain weight. It differs from person to person. In every aspect, you must be doing everything right but then why there is not weight loss yet?
Here are 7 reasons why you fail at losing weight effectively:

1.Setting unfeasible goals
Many times people tend to forget that Weight loss is a slow process. Setting unrealistic goals is completely useless, as you will waste your energy and time by doing so. You cannot expect to lose weight in a day or a week. So don’t cause your body to suffer by setting unrealistic goals.

2.Emotional Eating
We all do emotional eating in some way or the other. But there are people who treat this as coping or survival mechanism during the times of stress and sad times. This is where it gets complicated. If you are also someone who is an emotional eater, dealing with underlying emotions that leads to compulsive eating then weight loss will be a big problem.
There are many other ways to heal stress and sad times; someone who is especially looking forward to losing weight, Emotional Eating is a big No-No.

You cannot heal yourself or your body unless you love yourself. Self-loathing can never help in weight loss. You need to embrace your true self, as that will help you more than self- loathing. If you will believe in false beliefs, then no matter how great of a body you have it won’t be enough. Rather focus on healing from within and think positively about yourself so that you can start losing weight.

4.Mal-Nourishing your body
Eating Less and Starvation Diets at all under the name of “Proper Dieting” or “Balance Dieting” can never lead to weight loss. Instead, you are Mal-nourishing your body. Keeping it away from all the nutrients it needs. Eating less or Starvation diet is a punishment that you are giving your body so, try to eat a balanced diet and think about how you can give your body the important and necessary nourishment.

5.Searching for “Quick Remedies”
Nowadays, there are so many “quick remedies” out there in the weight loss world. From weight loss DVD to pills that help to melt your fat away. There are all sorts of quick remedies and fixes out in the market that might tempt you to indulge in them.
Some of them work and some don’t. All of these are for a short-term period. The moment you stop you will start gaining weight again. So stick to proper exercising.

6.Setting “Losing Weight” as the End goal
Weight Loss does not mean that you are healthy. Losing weight due illness is very common but that does not mean you are healthy. You have to see weight gain a symptom of something in your body and treat it accordingly. Once you find out what the true cause of weight gain is, you can heal it and have a sustainable weight loss.

7.Physiological issues might be the Real Cause
Healing from within is most important when it comes to weight loss. There are many factors that go into weight loss resistance. Underlying factors can be Diabetes, Thyroid, gut conditions etc. That’s where you need to consult and find out the problem that causes weight loss resistance. You might be doing everything right except for not finding out what is going on inside the body.